Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

dr sarang

Mumbai: A team headed by Dr. Sarang Deshpande, Consultant Orthopedic Surgery, Arthroscopy, Joint Replacement Surgeon & Sports Medicine Specialist. Wockhardt Hospitals, Mira Road gave a fresh lease of life to a 22-year-old woman who met with an accident. The patient who suffered elbow and joint injuries successfully underwent complex surgery to resume her normal routine.

Ms. Anjali Patil (Name Changed) *, a resident of Borivali, met with an accident While traveling for a weekend holiday with her family. She received primary treatment at a local hospital in the form of elbow reduction and above-elbow splints for her forearm fractures, she was bought in at Wockhardt Hospitals, Mira Road for further treatment.

Dr. Sarang Deshpande, Consultant Orthopedic Surgery, Arthroscopy, Joint Replacement Surgeon & Sports Medicine Specialist, Wockhardt Hospitals, Mira Road said “On arrival in the emergency, Investigations confirmed multiple injuries and fractures on both side forearm bones with left elbow dislocation and right shoulder acromioclavicular joint dislocation (acute swelling and pain over the top of the shoulder). Not treating her at the right time could have led to complications, her forearm fracture fixation was planned in the first set. But while performing the surgery, the doctors found out that her left elbow was unstable and her X-rays showed a small bony fragment separated from the radial head and lodged in the joint. On further MRI scans, multiple small fragments in the joint which prevented joint relocation were found, making it a very complex case of a road accident.

Dr Deshpande added, “Arthroscopic reconstructive surgeries for road accident cases have proven beneficial as compared to injuries of athletes and other accidents. Such surgeries are performed by experts to avoid any major discrepancies. The advantage of using arthroscopy in her case was that with a very small incision, we could enter her joint, locate the fragments, and remove them with a similarly small incision. This reduced the morbidity of the procedure. Similarly, she had acromioclavicular joint dislocation by using a similar small incision, around 3 cm in length, we reduced her acromioclavicular joint and reconstructed it with a semitendinosus tendon graft from the right side. All of her four procedures were performed with minimal possible incisions and they were closed with absorbable subcuticular sutures.”

The patient is discharged and she is undergoing physiotherapy rehabilitation. She is allowed to move her hands but she still requires assistance as both of her hands are operated.

“I was unconscious after the accident and opened my eyes only in the hospital. To my dismay, I couldn’t move my hands even an inch. I feared whether I will be able to do my basic daily activities. I was disheartened but had faith in the doctors who counseled me regarding my treatment plan. They assured me that I will be able to lead my life the way I want to. I thank the doctor for carrying out complex surgeries uneventfully. I can move my hand now and hold objects like glass, keys, newspapers and take medicines by myself. I am able to eat by myself now.” Concluded the patient Anjali Patil (name changed) *.

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