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New Delhi, 23rd February 2023: VogueStar, an inclusive platform for women and the women supporting them to create their distinctive identities, will organize an all-India fashion week cum beauty pageant. The upcoming extravaganza of fashion and beauty will spread its hues in the renowned royal city of Jaipur from the 14th to the 16th of April. Celebrating the motto of unity in diversity, the grand finale of the pageant, the VogueStar Fashion Week will witness state-level winners adorning designing masterpieces created by emerging designers from across India.

Divided into two categories, the initiative will crown three national winners under Miss VogueStar India and Mrs. VogueStar India. Mrs. VogueStar India is further categorized into two groups where in the group will be for married women from the age group of 18-35 while group 2 will be for women who are between 36-50 years. The idea behind this categorization is to ensure fair competition and inclusion of women across age groups and relationship statuses to perform to the best of their abilities.

The grand finale of Miss and Mrs. VogueStar India 2023 and VogueStar Fashion Week is the first of its kind event where 600 participants from across the states have extensively been trained for six months by a team of experts. Held as the screening round, the build-up events across the states allowed both married and unmarried women to break the stereotype and pageant to be a beauty icons. The grand finale will also showcase the talented designers’ experimentation, both in fabric and silhouette to present the multicultural aspect of India.

Shedding more light on the unique concept of the grand fashion week cum beauty pageant, Kirti Choudhary, Founder, VogueStar, said, “I always wanted to challenge the existing norms of the beauty pageant industry which in my opinion are outdated and partial. The industry has always been associated with stereotypes of being a certain shape, color or size to participate in these contests. This is the time that we start appreciating women for who they are and not their physical attributes. My objective is to make people realize that women are beautiful just the way they are regardless of their shapes, sizes, skin tones, and age. VogueStar 2023 is here to redefine the convention in its truest sense and also give equal opportunity to women from across the country irrespective of their backgrounds. This platform would support women to understand their strengths and showcase them in front of the world.”

The VogueStar team comprises all female members abiding by its motto of creating a safe space for women. During the scanning rounds, VogueStar received registrations from 1200 passionate women from 28 states and eight union territories who wanted to create a mark in society. After registration, the organization hosted a state-wide beauty contest to select one winner from each region. VogueStar also trained these 700 shortlisted candidates from different cities and helped them become a better version of themselves. Out of these 200 winners will be honored during the grand finale in Jaipur.

With this VogueStar also invited budding and emerging fashion designers from all over the county to represent their state in the fashion week. The 30 selected designers are in the process of employing their imagination on fabric, embellishments, and embroidery to create an exquisite collection with a unique Indian appeal for the grand finale.

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