Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

1st March 2023, New Delhi – GotChosen, one of the most favoured social media platforms, introduced the monetization program for influencers – GotChosen Ads Program. Under this unique program, creators will be allowed to monetize their short videos on the GotChosen App. Through this innovative earning model, creators can earn a guaranteed compensation of 60% of the advertising revenue generated.

The GotChosen Ads Program will guarantee monetization of all videos with no time limits on date of the post creation. Users will have access to the complete analytics. The ads format available for monetization are display, native and interstitial ads. Creators will also have the option of monetizing video ads on GotChosen’s web platform.

For creators, GotChosen has introduced a number of monetizing avenues, like the CPM advertising model. This model ensures that for every 1K views on a video, creators get a guarantee earning of INR 15/-, with increases based on continued growth in traction. Creators can also earn royalty rights to referral ad monetization. In addition, The GotChosen Ads Program is also linked with the company’s referral program that pays a 5% bonus. Once a user brings in their friend or acquaintance to the platform, the referral and the user both stand to earn through the ads program. It is available for all users that have more than 10k followers on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or Facebook.

Commenting on the GotChosen Ads Program, Oz Silva, Founder and CEO, GotChosen said, “At GotChosen, we are committed to democratising the monetization of content on social media platform. We are constantly looking at creating opportunities for our creators to maximise traction of their content, while providing an uninterrupted and unhindered user experience. The GotChosen Ads Program is a result of this objective.”

As a digital nation, we are witnessing the rise of a new wave of content creators, in India. The GotChosen Ads Program allows all our influencers, whether celebrity or nano-influencers, to access opportunities to monetize their content regularly, creating a powerful and sustainable revenue stream.” he added.

GotChosen is offering a true partnership opportunity for influencers and content creators, as the one platform that is adopting total transparency and sharing the revenues with the influencers and content creators. In the ever-chaotic social media space, and among social media platforms, GotChosen is set to raise the bar for all the players in this segment. It is a game changer.

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