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Bengaluru, 1st March 2023: Jiraaf, one of the fastest-growing high-yield alternative investment platforms in India, has recorded more than 15x growth and deployed more than INR 1,000 cr in investments as of January 2023. Jiraaf is the first horizontal fixed-income platform enabling digital participation from investors with a minimum investment size of INR 1 lakh. Investors can earn yields ranging from 8% to 20% for a period of 30 days to 3 years.

Founded in September 2021 by Vineet Agrawal and Saurav Ghosh, Jiraaf has emerged as a reliable fintech platform for alternative fixed-income opportunities repaying INR 550 cr with zero defaults or delays.

Vineet Agrawal & Saurav Ghosh, Co-founders, Jiraaf (1)

Speaking about this, Vineet Agrawal, Co-founder, Jiraaf, said, “Investments are key to financial wealth creation, and in the modern era, alternative investment options have emerged as great opportunities for those seeking predictable & high returns. While equity markets have seen enormous participation from the public, fixed income remains underpenetrated. Our mission at Jiraaf is to make fixed-income opportunities mainstream by innovating and making them more accessible. We are thankful to our partners like Caratlane, Homecredit, Everest Fleet and Rupeek among others for sharing our journey. We have created a strong team across functions including technology, investments, and credit risk to present a wide range of curated investment opportunities.”

Jiraaf takes a cautious approach to curating investments. It works with select borrowers across the yield spectrum which facilitates investors to create a diversified robust portfolio. Delivering INR 550 cr+ repayments without delays or defaults, Jiraaf has established an early track record. Jiraaf started in September 2021 and raised $7.5 mn in funding in April 2022 led by Accel Partners & Mankekar Family Office.

“In today’s market environment, retail investors have a growing appetite for alternative fixed-income products, and we believe there is a gap in the market for products vetted by professionals. Jiraaf has effectively democratised the debt market and has provided access to a wide array of products for wealth creation beyond the traditional asset classes. This milestone achievement aligns with what Saurav and Vineet were set to achieve. We are proud to be part of this journey of Jiraaf in revolutionizing wealth creation.” – Barath Shankar Subramanian, Partner at Accel

Adding further, Saurav Ghosh, Co-founder, Jiraaf said, “We are extremely happy to have crossed the INR 1000 crore investment mark. The trust of our users remains our biggest asset. It gives us great confidence that 93% of our customers are return investors. Our endeavour in the next 12 months is to grow our user base and increase our monthly run rate of investments from 100 cr to 300 cr. Bringing new opportunities and building a robust digital platform will be our key focus areas in the next 1-2 quarters. We are grateful to our investors Accel partners, Aspire family office, Mankekar family office and others who have supported us through our journey.

2022 has been tough for investors with tremendous volatility in the stock markets. With continued uncertainty on several factors including high inflation, and challenging macro growth, there is a strong need for investment options that are predictable, transparent, and capable of delivering good returns. Studies have shown that diversifying 15-20% of your investment portfolio with alternative investments can provide great portfolio returns. Jiraaf has understood this need well and is fast emerging as a leader in the space of alternative investments.

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