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Rapido Auto Captain were awarded certificates by police Sub inspectors Mr. Pithakaras & Mr. Jenish

Chennai, India, 23 Feb 2023 – Rapido Auto, a leading player in the auto taxi service provider space in India, organized a road safety awareness campaign in collaboration with the Greater Chennai City Police (GCCP). The campaign was aimed at creating a safer and more responsible road environment in Chennai and was held at two major traffic signals in the city – Mylapore Luz Corner Signal and Lighthouse Signal in Santhome High Road.

As part of the campaign, 25 Rapido Auto Captains were trained in Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and basic life support (first aid), and were awarded certificates by police Sub inspectors Mr. Pithakaras & Mr. Jenish. This training will enable Rapido Auto Captains to provide timely assistance in case of accidents or medical emergencies on the road. The campaign was led by Mr. Samay Singh Meena IPS, DCP East Division Chennai, who provided guidance and support throughout the event.

Apart from the training program, the campaign also involved the distribution of pamphlets with messages about road safety to the public. The messages covered a wide range of topics, including the importance of wearing helmets, following traffic rules, and being alert while driving. The messages were broadcasted through loudspeakers and were well-received by the public. These events received an enthusiastic response from the public and auto-captains and were covered by approximately 20 thousand people respectively, considering the traffic movement.

The highlight of the event was a mime program conducted by employees of Rapido Auto on the importance of road safety rules. The program was well-received by the public and police officials alike, who appreciated the effort made by the company to raise awareness about road safety.

Commenting on the initiative, Pavan Guntupalli, Co-founder of Rapido Auto, said, “As a responsible ride-hailing platform, we believe in contributing our part towards making India accident-free. We have been working towards this goal by organizing road safety awareness campaigns in different cities across India. We are pleased to partner with the Greater Chennai City Police for this initiative and are confident that it will help create a safer and more responsible road environment in Chennai. Rapido Auto’s road safety awareness campaign in Chennai was a successful event that helped create awareness about the importance of road safety among the public. We hope that more corporates will come forward to contribute to creating a safer and more responsible road environment in India.”

Rapido Auto has been actively involved in creating awareness about road safety in different parts of India. The company’s efforts are focused on educating the public about the importance of following traffic rules and being responsible while driving. The company has already organized several successful campaigns in Bangalore and Hyderabad and is committed to expanding its efforts to other cities in India.

The company is looking forward to partnering with the Greater Chennai Traffic Police in order to help create an accident-free Chennai. The company’s aim is to collaborate with the police and other stakeholders to create a comprehensive road safety program that will have a lasting impact on the road safety situation in Chennai.

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