Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

By- Prof. Dr. Mahipal S Sachdev, Chairman & Medical Director, Centre for Sigh

As the country has been witnessing a surge in the number of cases of eye defects in the recent past, Centre for Sight has now come up with PLANET LASIK to offer refractive solutions under one single roof. Planet Lasik is considered to be a one-stop destination for innovative vision correction procedures as the hospital is equipped with the latest technology and specialists to perform several specialized eye-care procedures like Lasik, SMILE, ICL, PRK, Femto Lasik, and Contoura Vision. These procedures are seamless and comfortable for the patients while promoting the highest safety, hygiene, and quality standards.

The people who wear glasses or contact lenses often start to resent them due to their dependency on them to see clearly and with the rise in the number of people desiring clear vision without having to depend on these external factors, Lasik or Laser Eye Surgery has gained substantial popularity in recent times.
Lasik Surgery is a safe blade-free and precise procedure performed to correct the refractive error of the patient’s eyes to provide a clear vision of the world without having to use spectacles or contact lenses.

The use of spectacles or contact lenses is considered a temporary solution because in some rare cases, even after the regular use of contact lenses or spectacles for a few years, patients have shown weaker eyesight compared to their previous test.

The most recent advancement in the world of Laser Eye Surgeries is Contoura Vision which not only corrects the power of one’s eyeglass but also corrects the corneal irregularities besides working on Visual Axis which provides sharper visual outcomes for the patients. And while some people aren’t eligible for Lasik Surgery due to cornea irregularities, they can get better results with Contoura Vision eye surgery.

The iLasik Surgery is said to be one of the most successful surgeries done among the surgeries done in any part of the human body because of the low level of risk involved and with the various recent advancements in technology and medical procedures, the recovery time post operative has also decreased significantly.

Laser Eye Surgery is performed with the help of two lasers, one helps to create a smooth flap, and the other one to reshape the corneal bed. After that, it’s just a matter of minutes and the patient is able to see clearly without their spectacles or contact lenses, with the rapid advancements in technology the operative time has also decreased. But the patient needs to avoid rubbing his/her eye for a couple of weeks post-operative because a lot of temptation will be there. The patient sometimes also experiences slight pain or uneasiness, but these symptoms improve in a couple of days.

A recent study observing patient satisfaction after the surgery suggests that the people who have had Lasik surgeries done experience the same (or even better) quality of life as the patients who never wore glasses or had any eye surgeries done and this has stayed the same even after 10-15 years the procedure was performed.

Due to the recent global pandemic, a lot of people had to start working from home which resulted in an increase in their overall screen time. Similarly, the younger or elderly generation had to shift to binge-watching and social media consumption for entertainment purposes because a large group of people started having weaker eyesight.

A person’s eyes become weaker and weaker as they get older which results in the loss of vision but with increased screen time of smartphones and the use of these tech gadgets in the dark, this process happens on a rapid speed because of which more and more people are starting to depend upon spectacles or contact lenses for a clear vision of the world.

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