Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

New Delhi, February 08, 2023: Eli Bitton, an Israel-origin fashion house, officially opened its first flagship store in Delhi, India, in December 2022. The showroom features one of the largest selections of ready-to-wear exquisitely embroidered evening gowns in the Delhi NCR.

Eli Bitton has stores and fashion houses in Haifa, Israel, and West Delhi, India. The brand, which has been present in Israel for over three decades, is now establishing its presence in India by offering unique designs and contemporary apparel selection with more size options for women. They believe that women need to feel at ease in whatever they want to wear. It is one of the first designer labels with a dedicated embroidery studio.

Yehuda Bitton, COO & Fashion Designer at Eli Bitton said, “2022 was indeed one of the best financial years in the past decade. We have received an amazing response from our customers since our launch in India. The majority of our clients are repeated customers who purchased online or those who follow us on social media and have been anticipating the store’s launch. The most satisfying aspect is that ninety percent of the women who tried our designs purchased them. We do not doubt that our brand has a place for new outlets in India, particularly in Delhi. As of now, our focus is to build a robust, professional, and skilled team in India.”

After facing a sudden slowdown during the pandemic, the fashion brand expanded its design departments to cater to a larger audience. Their casual-wear and leisure suit section saw considerable growth in sales. Eli Bitton intends to open its franchisee in the near future with a vision to preserve the quality and exclusivity of its designs.

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