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Bengaluru, 2 November 2023 — Muse Wearables, an Indian tech startup founded by graduates of IIT Madras and NIT Warangal, is poised to revolutionize the wearable technology industry with the global launch of ‘Ring One.’

Ring One was launched on Indiegogo on September 26th and set a world record by reaching its goal of raising $1 million USD within 4 weeks.

This groundbreaking innovative smart ring combines cutting-edge health-tracking capabilities with seamless contactless payments, making it the world’s first smart ring that uses NFC for wireless charging and payments to date.

The smart ring is available for an early backer special price. Muse Wearables currently serves nearly 30 countries through its “Direct to Consumer” business model.

Key Features of ‘Ring One’:

Advanced Health Tracking: ‘Ring One’ can measure six different vitals, including Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen, Temperature, Respiratory Rate, Heart Rate Variability, and Blood Pressure. With clinical-grade accuracy and cuff-less blood pressure measurement, it sets a new standard in health tracking technology.

Contactless Payments: ‘Ring One’ is the world’s first smart ring to offer NFC (Near Field Communication) payments, making transactions as simple as a wave of the hand. Muse Wearables has partnered with major payment networks, including Mastercard, and VISA, to ensure global accessibility for payments.

Unique Design: The ‘Ring One’ boasts a sleek and stylish design with a “Turn wheel” interface, allowing users to switch between various modes effortlessly. Made with Titanium grade 2 and Ceramic (Zirconia), it is lightweight, durable, and water-resistant up to 100 meters.

Battery Life: With up to seven days of battery life and an extended battery life of up to a month with the charging case, ‘Ring One’ ensures users can track their health and make payments without interruption.

Global Availability: Contactless payments will be live in India, USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Singapore, and UAE, making ‘Ring One’ a truly global solution.

Mr. K.L.N. Sai Prasanth, Co-Founder and CEO of Conzumex Industries, the parent company of Muse Wearables, commented, “With its one-of-a-kind ‘Turn wheel’ interface and the charging case’s all-new ‘Magic Glyph’ interface, Ring One offers a truly unique experience that sets it apart from any other competitor smart ring in the market.”

Mrs. Prathyusha K, Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer at Muse Wearables, explained, “Our observations of hundreds of users during the COVID-19 pandemic gave us priceless insights. The most notable one is that the wrist may not be the most optimal position on the body to retrieve accurate data. We married these findings with the learnings from the payment feature of our first hybrid smartwatch and developed something we feel is truly path-breaking – the Ring One. We like to think of it as the best of both worlds, a culmination of our past experiences and a leap into the future.”

Ring One is set to redefine the future of wearable technology, offering users a discreet and stylish way to monitor their health and make secure contactless payments. With its innovative features and craftsmanship, it is poised to become a global sensation.

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