Zee Rajasthan’s Bahash Beech Bazaar Special show unveils Alwar’s pulse

Bahash Beech Bazaar special show by Zee Rajasthan took a deep dive into the heart of Alwar, Rajasthan, and brought together local voices and political party representatives, creating a unique platform to collect unfiltered insights on a wide spectrum of critical issues.

With a keen focus on electoral concerns and foundational societal issues, the show addressed the critical importance of women’s safety and youth empowerment. It also highlighted the ERCP Project (Eastern Rajasthan Canal Project) and the urgent need for effective water resource management as well.

‘Bahash Beech Bazaar’ underscored the importance of informed dialogue and accountability in addressing the pressing problems faced by this vibrant community. This special program is a truly remarkable initiative due to the candid responses of the local populace, which reflected their concerns, hopes, and expectations for their community.

This initiative by Zee Rajasthan provided a valuable and insightful window into the lives and sentiments of the people of Alwar, enriching the understanding of the local landscape and its challenges.

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