Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

We Care Foundation, in collaboration with Medanta Hospital, Lucknow, marked a significant milestone in breast cancer awareness through a comprehensive Breast Cancer Awareness Camp at Vardaan International Academy. The event not only provided expert medical advice but also highlighted valuable insights from organizers and experts engaged in the cause.

Dr. Renu Singh, President of We Care Foundation, shared her vision, stating, “Our mission at We Care Foundation is to enlighten and equip individuals with the knowledge necessary to combat breast cancer. Through events like these, we aim to create a society where awareness leads to empowerment and ultimately eradication of this disease.”

Dr Abhishek Krishna, Associate Consultant at Medanta Lucknow and a specialist in Endocrine and Breast Surgery emphasized the significance of accurate information. “Events of this nature play a pivotal role in dispelling myths and providing accurate information about breast cancer. Early detection can save lives, and our goal is to empower individuals with the tools for proactive healthcare,” he stated.

Dr Anita Singh, Director of KK Hospital and a distinguished Gynecologist and Infertility Specialist in Lucknow stressed the importance of shared responsibility. “Community education is vital. Increased knowledge about breast cancer enables early detection and appropriate medical intervention. Our collaborative efforts can substantially impact public health,” she explained.

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Chief Guest Aparna Yadav ji, a respected politician and social activist in Uttar Pradesh, said, “I am honoured to be part of this vital initiative. Raising awareness about breast cancer is essential, and initiatives like these demonstrate the power of collective action. I hope this inspires others to engage in similar awareness campaigns actively.”

Richa Kanna, Principal of Vardaan International Academy and a key organizer emphasized the role of education in prevention. “Knowledge is the cornerstone of prevention. We are thankful for the support from Medanta Hospital and We Care Foundation. These events not only educate but also foster a sense of community and unity in our fight against breast cancer,” she remarked.

Organizers and experts concur that initiatives like these drive positive change, fostering open dialogue and proactive engagement in enhancing community health and well-being.

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