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Uorfi Javed Reveals Alter Ego on Podcast, Expresses Desire for Confident Paparazzi Moments

In the latest episode of Uncancellable with Uorfi Javed ft. Rashmeet Kaur, Uorfi distinguishes between her real self and her alter ego, emphasizing her distinct personalities. When dressed as Uorfi Javed, she exclaims, “You have to meet that chick; she is crazy,” highlighting her experimental nature and multiple personas.

Uorfi acknowledges the existence of both personas, asserting that they are indeed separate individuals. She said, ”Jab mein paps dekhti hu na, something clicks in me and I’m not the same person anymore some other personality takes over me which is way more confident, sassy, and just how I always wanted to be and I could never be. I want to get papped like this is the last time I’m getting papped. Mujhe aise papped hona hai.”

From Gurudwara to the Stage: Rashmeet Kaur’s Musical Journey Unveiled

In the latest episode of Uncancellable with Uorfi Javed, Rashmeet Kaur shares, “My mom does Gurbani Kirtan, she is very fascinated towards Gurudwara”. She also adds how her mom used to take her to harmonium classes as Rashmeet was very good with memorizing things in childhood. Her mom and her grandmother have a perfect vocal they used to sing Gurbani Kirtan, and it’s in her genes. She was never inclined to sing in childhood. She also shares how her interests changed “I started learning Indian Classical music at the age of 13 before that I was learning Gurmat sangeet, fir 10th me jab gayi, saath saath me Indian classical bhi shuru kar diya, aur mein science bhi kar rahi thi, toh fir muje realise hua jab mein naptol kari ki mera music me jyada interest, and idhar mera time khoti ho raha hai toh me jaldi se graduation complete karke idhar(music) chali jaati hu”.

Rashmeet Kaur Prioritizing Self-Worth Over Struggling Relationships

In a conversation with Uorfi on her new podcast, Uncancellable with Uorfi Javed, Rashmeet Kaur shares, “If something is affecting my work and my life, I’m not good in relationships dealing with it, I feel”. Uorfi responded, “Matlab, so your first instinct is to break up, instead of trying to work on it. in a relationship, tum break up kar leti ho if I am putting it in correct words”. Rashmeet interjected, “But I don’t think that’s a bad thing”, she added, “Because I feel my life is too precious to make efforts jahan par mujhe lag raha hai ki iska kuch fayda nahi hone wala hai. I’m not saying that I will never try and I’m not saying that I have never tried to work in a relationship, like work it out obviously I have tried but the first thought that comes to my brain is that it’s not working out so you should break up.”

Uorfi also added, “Workout dono side se hota hai yaar. Saamne wala nahi kar raha hai toh phir woh chala jaata hai karne ka.”

Uorfi Javed Opens Up About Not Having a Surname: Challenges and Perspectives

In conversation with Rashmeet Kaur during the latest episode of Uncancellable with Uorfi Javed, Uorfi shares about not having a surname and how it is difficult for her during passport and visa applications, “I don’t have a surname but just for media and in sab ke liye mene laga diya. Mujhe passport ke kaam me ya visa ke kaam me its very difficult for me”. Her dad’s name was Javed so she used her it as a surname. Uorfi Javed is her stage name and Uorfi is her real name. She also added, “When you want people to take you seriously, every powerful man or woman, if you have seen in history, they have a surname’. Uorfi and Rashmeet indulge in a conversation about how important it is to have a strong last name.

Rashmeet Kaur Challenges Social Norms: Advocates for Acceptance of Non-Traditional Relationships in India

In a conversation with Uorfi on her new podcast, “Uncancellable with Uorfi Javed,” Rashmeet says, “Kalki hai, biggest example she has a baby with the guy you know.”

Uorfi responds, “India mein lekin acceptable nahin hai yaar.” Rashmeet continues, “To main kya acceptable hai India mein, nahi abhi pregnant ho gaye kuch bhi nahi hai but India mein toh bohot problem ho jayegi agar aise hi.” Rashmeet asserts, “Par Kalki reh rahi hai na baba”.

Uorfi clarifies, “Matlab yaha industry ka alag hai theek hai matlab normal log shayad middle-class log aise nahi kar payenge bina shaadi ke.” Rashmeet said, “Uorfi tum toh yeh bolo mat ki India mein yeh nahin hain India mein woh nahi hai, I’m not talking about the class, mein yeh bol rahi hun ki India mein aise log hain aur yeh bolenge aap mat bolo yeh aap uske bohot upar ja chuke ho uske, aap ko koi farak nahi padta.”

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