The 5-Day Magnificent Cultural Extravaganza, ‘TV9 FESTIVAL OF INDIA,’ concluded with much Fanfare and Celebrations

New Delhi, October 28, 2023: Delhiites had an amazing experience for five days at the magnificent cultural extravaganza, the Festival of India, held at the Major Dhyanchand National Stadium in New Delhi. As a first-of-its-kind event of this grand scale hosted by a news network, the ‘TV9 Festival of India’ has set a new standard for other news networks.

This five-day event provided a unique opportunity to showcase the colours of India’s rich heritage, uniting people from diverse backgrounds to commemorate and admire its illustrious heritage and global connections. It offered a captivating experience to explore, shop, savour, and celebrate the essence of India and the global tapestry, all within one awe-inspiring locale.

Over the course of these five days, the event received visits from prominent and senior leaders of many political parties and individuals from various walks of life. Notable guests included Rajnath Singh, the Minister of Defence; Hardeep Puri, the Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas; Piyush Goyal, the Minister of Commerce & Industry, Consumer Affairs & Food & Public Distribution, and Textiles of the Government of India; Meenakshi Lekhi, the Leader of the House in Rajya Sabha and the Minister of State for Culture of India; Anupriya Patel, the Minister of State for Commerce and Industry; Dr. Mahesh Sharma, a Member of the Lok Sabha; Gautam Gambhir, a Member of the Lok Sabha; Supriya Shrinate, National Spokesperson of the Indian National Congress; Pawan Khera, Chairman of the Media and Publicity Department of the All India Congress; and Atishi Marlena, the Minister of Education of Delhi.

Whether you were a connoisseur of culture, a fervent shopaholic, an epicurean enthusiast, or people looking for the pursuit of a splendid time, this festival catered to one and every discerning palate and inclination. Music, Dance, Dandiya, Puja, Celebrations, Shopping, and Food were on their platters. It was an unforgettable experience cum celebration of diversity, culture, and lifestyle.

Amid the Durga Puja festivities, the festival gave the opportunity to enjoy the Puja, Sindoor Khela, Dhunuchi Dance, and more. Along with rich cultural Navratri celebrations with Garba & Dandiya for the festivities, among other cultural folk performances were also part of this fiesta.

TV9 Festival of India, Hon Defence Minister Mr. Rajnath Singh

A wide range of goods from India and abroad were displayed in a spectacular setting. From delectable cuisines to exquisite decorations, the vibrant marketplaces had something for everyone.

From the world of dry fruits – luscious walnuts, fragrant almonds, and succulent dates, pointed to suit any taste. Delhiites explored the tapestry of flavours and textures, where each bite revealed a story of flavour and tradition, as well as made sure for them to be tempted by the array of nature’s delights that tantalize the taste buds. At the festival, the joy of a shopping spree provided the opportunity for Delhiites to dress up in their prettiest outfits and celebrate Durga Puja with fervour and enthusiasm. Along with special options for the kids at the Thai stationary stall, with a range of cute stationary, Anime-inspired pop figures, and stylish bags straight from Bangkok, it was nothing short of a paradise for kids.

In the food segment, cuisines from many states of India were available, and it also offered a window into the heart of Indian culture, followed by entertainment magic with folk music, dance, and band performances. The evenings at the TV9 Festival of India were as ravishing as anything, with people in their prettiest outfits coming to enjoy the festival of Durga Puja.

This vibrant celebration that recently concluded had become a magnet for diverse crowds. Over the course of five days, the festival offered an unmatched experience that captivated the senses and fed the soul. It was a testament to the splendid diversity of India, where people from various backgrounds unite to savour the essence of this incredible nation.

Artists performed and made sure Delhiites were enthralled to their tunes. The artists included Prabhanjan & Ria Kushagra, Mani Das, Sairaah Live, Khusro, Abhishek, Mayhar, Manya Tripathi, Kashh, The Toll Road, Surabhi, Saad Khan, Nysha Live, Inayat, Prayaag on Stage, Sushant Satija, Khaab Adyot, Sufi Amigos, The Bollywood Tales, Ketan, Prashant, Kanishka, Addy Paul, and John Oniam.

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