Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

New Delhi February 10th, 2024: SYNAPSE is a pathbreaking and unprecedented science tech society conference, founded and curated by award-winning journalist Shoma Chaudhury. Being hosted on 24 – 25 February 2024 at The Futures Hangar, Le Meridien, Gurgaon, SYNAPSE is bringing together an extraordinary and unique combination of global genius – from Nobel Laureates to superstars, technologists to ethicists, philosophers to inventors, artists to economists — who will decode powerful forces reshaping the world, debate the most urgent questions of our time, and explore the intersections between nature, humans, and technology.

SYNAPSE is driven by a unique vision. It seeks to place science and tech at the center of public engagement, excitement – and debate. AI. Gene editing. Age reversal. Big Data. Big Tech. Biotech. Quantum computing. These innovations are impacting society at an exponential pace.

From geopolitics to genes. Business to behavior. Politics to parenting. Work to war. Democracy to markets. Media to mental health. Cities. Cells. Climate. Cosmos. Creativity. Cinema. SYNAPSE will be focusing on all of this and will present science and tech not as difficult topics for subject experts, but as urgent ideas and innovations that everyone can understand and relate to.

As Shoma Chaudhury, Director-Curator of SYNAPSE, explains, “Science and tech is literally the new ‘Hand of God’ in our lives. From birth to death itself, it is reshaping everything while we sleep. We cannot afford not to engage, celebrate, adapt, debate. We wanted to create a platform that would retrieve science from the lab and place it in all its beauty, power, drama, and vividness at the heart of society. We wanted to create a new visual language around science and bring together the most unusual combination of cutting-edge minds to discuss its promise and peril. We are at several simultaneous tipping points. These innovations have the power to change humanity as we know it. So how do we harness their potential and guardrail the harm? Is it time to create a ‘constitution for technology’?”

Rajan Anandan – MD, Peak XV Partners, one of India’s most prominent tech investors who formerly led Google South Asia and Microsoft in India – heartily endorses this vision. “I am excited to come for SYNAPSE,” he says, “because it’s a first-of-its-kind conference in India – possibly the world.”

Anandan will be speaking at SYNAPSE and the timeliness and significance of the vision are reflected in the galaxy of 40 other cutting-edge frontier minds who will be gathering at the conference.

Among them are Nobel Laureate Roger Kornberg, whose breakthrough discoveries enabled the vaccine revolution; 3-time Pulitzer Winner Thomas Friedman, one of the world’s most astute trend-spotters; Michael Sandel, legendary Harvard political philosopher who fills stadiums; Rumman Chowdhury, tech ethicist named by Forbes as 1 of 5 shaping AI; Elizabeth Parrish, a biohacker & longevity entrepreneur reversing age; Eric Daimler, former Obama adviser on AI; Martin Green, father of solar Technology, whose invention accounts for 90% of global solar cells; Vedanta master Swami Sarvapriyananda; star director Raju Hirani; India’s lead quantum physicist Urbasi Sinha, India’s national cyber security chief Lt Gen MU Nair; mood and mind scientist Vidita Vaidya, working on stress and psychedelics. And many more.

Investigators of body & mind. Entrepreneurs, ethicists, economists. Politicians. Investors. Creators.

The excitement of the conference is drawing 1,000 thought leaders from across the country on the ground as audience – ranging from political and policy leaders to industrialists, entrepreneurs, C-suite executives, scientists, educators, YPOs, and top-notch professionals from every walk of life. Students from 50 universities will be watching the livestream.

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