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Mr. Ankit Daga, Director, McNROE & Miss. Ritabhari Chakraborty

New Delhi, 26th September, 2023— Secret Temptation, the renowned fragrance brand known for its alluring scents, lit up this festive season with their grand Secret Party on Saturday at The Westin, Kolkata with some of the brightest stars in the entertainment industry. Prior to the event, the brand sent out exquisite invitation hampers that received widespread appreciation from all the invitees, generating significant engagement on various social media platforms. As part of the signature #SecretToCompleteLook campaign, Ritabhari Chakraborty, Puja Banerjee, Nusrat Faria, and Priyanka Sarkar, along with other beloved faces from Tollywood, joined forces with Secret Temptation to promote their latest perfume sensation, ‘Romance’.

This star-studded affair was also attended by the likes of Swastika Dutta, Ushashi Ray, and Jasmine Roy among others. The event also hosted a remarkable gathering of 116 digital creators who added their unique touch to the evening’s festivities. McNROE’s #SecretToCompleteLook playfully asserts that a look is simply incomplete without the irresistible charm of Secret Temptation perfumes. A glamorous appearance and perfect attire achieve their fullest effect when complemented by the exquisite fragrances of Secret Temptation.

The Secret party not only witnessed the presence of these celebrities but also served as a platform to showcase Secret Temptation’s diverse product lineup, including their on the go Roll-on, Bliss, and Dream perfumes. Meticulously crafted to cater to the unique preferences and moods of the modern woman, ensuring that they felt confident and complete in every moment, the event was a showcase of the elegance and sophistication that Secret Temptation products embody.

Ankit Daga, Director at McNROE, said: “In an industry where individuality and self-expression are celebrated, Secret Temptation’s #SecretToCompleteLook represents a significant step forward. Secret Temptation has always been dedicated to enhancing women’s confidence and encouraging them to embrace their individuality. With the participation of some of the brightest stars in the entertainment world, it’s a nod to our belief that genuine elegance and self-assuredness originate from within.”

Ritabhari Chakraborty, Indian film actress , said :”Fragrance, to me, is more than just a scent; it’s a profound expression of one’s personality and style. It’s that final touch that completes our look, adding an extra layer of confidence and sophistication. I’ve been using Secret Temptation since my young years, and being a part of the #SecretToCompleteLook feels like a full circle moment, where I get to share my love for this brand and its timeless fragrances with the world.”

As the City of Joy readies itself for the festivities, Secret Temptation has added just the right dose of fun and excitement to the mix. So, get ready to dance, dazzle, and celebrate because with Secret Temptation, every moment can be made a little more sparkling! Let Secret Temptation be your partner in creating unforgettable memories.

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