Radio City Launches the Future of Radio — Meet RJ SIA, Your AI Radio Companion

India, 30th October 2023: Radio City, a name synonymous with radio entertainment, is pleased to introduce a game-changing addition to its programming that will redefine your radio experience – “AI RJ SIA.” This isn’t just another announcement; it’s a bold invitation to witness the future of radio! In a quest to revolutionize the way they connect with radio, Radio City has harnessed cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to create AI RJ SIA – your AI Radio Jockey! She’s not just an AI, she’s the perfect blend of technology and artistry, poised to become your personalized companion on your radio journey. Brace yourself for an extraordinary level of engagement that goes beyond the ordinary!

AI RJ SIA’s dynamic programming spans an array of genres, topics, and music, ensuring there’s something to resonate with every listener. With AI RJ SIA, you’ll experience radio like never before, as she seamlessly integrates into your daily life, delivering the right music, stories, and conversations when you need them.

AI RJ SIA Creative

Ashit Kukian, Chief Executive Officer of Radio City, is enthusiastic about this groundbreaking leap into the future of radio, declaring, “At Radio City, we believe in the power of combining technology with human creativity. AI RJ SIA is not just an AI, she’s your trusted radio companion. Get ready to be captivated by her mood-adaptive content that resonates with your heart. We’re not just following the future; we’re shaping it. Our vision is “where innovation and the human connection converge, redefining radio in ways never imagined.”

AI RJ SIA is here, India’s smartest AI Radio Jockey, Naam hain AI RJ SIA, Lekar aa rahi hai ek naya show ‘SAY NA SIA’.

Moreover, Radio City has something up its sleeve to elevate your weekends— “Blockbuster Sunday,” where AI RJ SIA takes center stage, transforming your Sundays into a day of extraordinary entertainment and engagement. Sundays will no longer be just another day of the week, they will become a highlight you eagerly anticipate.

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