Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

Valentine’s Day, a time dedicated to celebrating love, holds a special place for our faithful pets who eagerly await our daily return, joyfully welcoming us at the doorstep. If you’re planning an exclusive play date with your furry companions this Valentine’s Day, it becomes paramount to ensure not just clean but also safe floors for them. Our pets, deserving of boundless love and care, should have an enjoyable experience, especially considering how they often turn our floors into their playground. Therefore, maintaining a hygienic and safe floor is of utmost importance.

Mumbai-based Pet Parent & Lifestyle influencer, Dr. Disha Nighot said, “In every twist and turn of life, my Bunny and Binny remain a steadfast source of joy and comfort, brightening even the darkest days. The pure and unconditional love shared between a pet and its owner is unparalleled. I hold this sacred connection close, going the extra mile to safeguard the well-being of my cherished pet. Our shared moments on the floor, filled with play and laughter, underline the importance of ensuring a safe floor for my pet’s delicate paws. “

She adds, “Taking on this responsibility, I turn to ITC Nimyle, a neem-based floor cleaner from the trusted house of ITC. I rely on this product to ensure that my floors are not only impeccably clean but also safe for my beloved companion. What sets Nimyle apart is that it is devoid of these harmful chemicals- chlorine, bleach, parabens, sulfates, phosphates, and quats, and does not leave behind any
chemical residue making it a pet-safe floor cleaner. With the assurance that my floors are safe, I can now wholeheartedly focus on what truly matters – spending quality time with my pet, relishing the moments of joy, and basking in the companionship of a healthy and happy furry friend.”

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