Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

Mumbai, India – Pepperfry, the leading online furniture and home decor destination, is adding a dose of humour and relief to April Fools’ Day with its latest campaign on “Non-Stub” Furniture. We all know the pain of stubbing our toes on furniture, and Pepperfry is here to turn that agony into laughter with its latest campaign.

Pepperfry - Non Stub Solution

While there may not be a ground-breaking AI solution to prevent toe-stubbing, Pepperfry’s April Fools’ Day campaign video promises a hilarious look at this common household struggle. Imagine a world where your furniture could predict and warn you of impending toe collisions! Join Pepperfry in saying goodbye to stubbed toes forever, and get ready to enjoy and celebrating April Fools’ Day the Pepperfry way!

Step into a world where humour furnishes every corner, with Pepperfry leading the way in laughter. As the brand unveiled a playful take on the perils of home navigation, let’s turn those winces into chuckles.

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