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Nana Patekar, Vivek Agnihotri and Pallavi Joshi open up about ‘Vaccine War’ with Amish Devgan on the channel’s prime-time show ‘Aar Paar’

Vaccine War

New Delhi | 29 September, 2023: News18 India has aired an exclusive interview with the star cast of the highly anticipated movie ‘Vaccine War’. The panel hosted by the one of channel’s top anchors Amish Devgan included the film’s director Vivek Agnihotri, producer and actress Pallavi Joshi, and actor Nana Patekar, and was featured on Aar Paar, one of News18 India’s most popular shows.

In a discussion about his films, Vivek Agnihotri underscored the significance of Indian cinema as a medium to convey India’s stories to its people. He stressed that movies like ‘Kashmir Files’ and ‘Vaccine War’ play a pivotal role in building the India narrative. Agnihotri acknowledged the challenging times faced by India’s healthcare system during the COVID-19 pandemic but praised the steadfast dedication of Indian doctors and scientists who, through relentless hard work, developed vaccines, ensuring the safety of the nation.

He delved into the concept of ‘Sanatan’, emphasizing India’s uniqueness as a democracy where any one can rise to top leadership positions, a phenomenon rarely seen elsewhere. Agnihotri also raised intriguing questions about whether a country like America would allow individuals with names like Hitler or Osama bin Laden to hold ministerial positions. He criticized Bollywood for sidelining common people in films, attributing the lack of success that some films face to this, and commended South Indian cinema for keeping the essence of the common man alive.

The legendary actor Nana Patekar expressed his willingness to explore various film genres but stressed that quality takes precedence over quantity, especially at his age of 73. He candidly admitted that he might not have the capacity to take on numerous projects anymore, which is why he is dedicated to projects like ‘Vaccine War’. Patekar warmly recalled his collaboration with Irrfan Khan during the filming of ‘Salaam Bombay’, praising his extraordinary talent and humanity. He humorously recounted an incident when Irrfan suggested to him that he plant a Night-Blooming Jasmine, a task he couldn’t fulfil at that time but now intends to accomplish. Patekar concluded by emphasizing that an artist transcends any caste or creed; an artist is simply an artist.

Pallavi Joshi, a seasoned actress, vehemently denied claims that her films are driven by a particular agenda. She emphasized that her films have no political agenda.

The interview on News18 India’s ‘Aar Paar’ provided an insightful platform for these eminent personalities to share their perspectives on the film industry and their experiences with ‘Vaccine War’. The film has already garnered substantial attention, making this interview highly relevant for the viewers.

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