Tue. Jun 25th, 2024
Road Safety Campaign on 11th February

News18 Bihar Jharkhand announces the conclusion of its road safety campaign “हेलमेट लगाइये, सुरक्षित घर आइये.” The grand finale is scheduled for Saturday, 11th February at 5 pm. The special episode will include discussions with prominent guests, words of support from celebrities, and musical performances by folk artists.

Viewers will get a chance to see the impact of the road safety campaign through a segment showcasing the perspectives of citizens and traffic authorities of the twin states. The show will also feature a discussion panel including Champai Soren, Minister of Transport, Jharkhand; senior officers from the Transport Departments of Bihar & Jharkhand; Raghvendra Singh popularly known as Helmet Man of India and Satyendra Sangeet, Folk Artist.

Music has always been a powerful tool in spreading messages. To convey the importance of road safety, the finale will feature performances from folk artists who will entertain viewers while spreading the message of the campaign.

Road safety is of paramount importance. In recent years, road-related casualties have been on the rise in Bihar and Jharkhand. In order to spread awareness among the mass and initiate a behavioral change in them toward road safety, News18 Bihar/Jharkhand launched this campaign during road safety week this year.

The success of this month-long campaign is a proud testimony to the role of media in creating awareness and bringing about a positive impact in our society.

The finale of the News18 Bihar Jharkhand’s Road Safety Campaign will be an event to look forward to as it will bring together the collaborative efforts of the people, traffic authorities, celebrities, and folk artists to spread the message of road safety.

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