Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

National October 2023: MyThali, a nutrition advocacy initiative by Arogya World, a global health non-profit organization working to prevent Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs), is excited to announce the launch of its latest campaign, #HealthyWaliDiwali this festive season. The campaign’s mission is to educate people about balanced nutrition through a creative manner, with the goal of promoting health and well-being during the festive season.

Balancing your life is like balancing your meals – you need support from your closest ones for it. Just like we have people in our lives who contribute to our health by giving us energy and love, the 5 Food Groups do the same to give us a balanced meal.

The concept of “Patakas of Balance,” in which major dietary groups are personified as animated mascots, is at the foundation of the #HealthyWaliDiwali campaign. These Patakas will take center stage in MyThali’s messages, highlighting the critical function that each food group plays in our overall health. MyThali will tell the tale of how these Patakas work together harmoniously to offer complete nourishment through entertaining skits, jingles, and various online tips, making nutrition instructions simple and relatable.

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The #HealthyWaliDiwali campaign highlights MyThali’s commitment to making nutrition education enjoyable and accessible to everybody. The brand has been motivating individuals and communities to embrace balanced nutrition through the festive spirit of a #HealthyWaliDiawali since 2021, and have had over 15,000 people take part in their yearly challenge so far.

Dr. Nalini Saligram, Founder & CEO, MyThali Arogya World, said, “Our #HealthyWaliDiwali campaign adds a fresh perspective to Diwali celebrations by presenting food groups as ‘Patakas of Balance.’ These vibrant mascots demonstrate how diverse food categories may coexist together, much like the Diwali theme of oneness. We aim nutrition education to be fun and memorable. We wanted to build a sense of community while educating about a balanced diet through daily polls, quizzes, and challenges.”

MyThali’s interactive approach does not end there. Followers are encouraged to actively participate by using MyThali’s ‘Story’ template, tagging friends, and urging them to join the challenge. This amusing campaigning strategy seeks to make learning about food types entertaining and remembered, building a healthier and happier society together.

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