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Medica Superspecialty Hospital

Mumbai/Kolkata, 6th June 2023: “Solutions to Plastic Pollution” was the theme for World Environment Day this year. The 50th year of World Environment Day served as a reminder that human behaviors over plastic pollution matter. The steps that governments and businesses are taking to combat plastic pollution are the result of this action.

Medica Hospital conducted a Cleanup & Plantation Drive yesterday to stop plastic pollution at DPK Kalibari Waterbody, Nayabad area and announced its participation in the worldwide celebration of World Environment Day on 5th June 2023. This year the hospital aimed to create a positive impact on the environment by organizing a cleanup drive and a plantation initiative in the vicinity of a water body near the hospital premises. Through these activities, Medica anticipated raising awareness about environmental conservation and inspiring individuals to act for a greener and healthier planet, thereby positively impacting the local community.

On the initiatives undertaken by Medica, Mr. R Udayan Lahiry, Co-founder & Director, Medica Synergie Private Limited, said, “This year’s World Environment Day raised awareness about the effects of plastic pollution, and we in the healthcare industry hope to contribute to a future free of plastic pollution. According to a WHO report, 46 million tons of plastic waste were dumped globally in 2019, with only 9% recycled and 22% mismanaged. The Cleanup Drive and Plantation Drive are a few one-of-a-kind initiatives that Medica has taken up since its inception and will continue to promote in the near future. Medica has planted 200 trees both on its campus and all across Medica Lane to enhance the green cover in our continuous effort to support the environment so that we can breathe fresh air. We request everyone to come forward to raise awareness about plastic pollution, plant trees in our near vicinity, reduce emissions and collaborate with local governments, industries, and communities to find long-term solutions for plastic replacement.”

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