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LUCERNE, Switzerland, October 27, 2023 – getAbstract, the world’s go-to platform for actionable knowledge and microlearning, recognizes titles that offer significant insights for people leaders in the L&D space with its ‘Learning Impact’ category and titles that provide business leaders and entrepreneurs with actionable knowledge in areas like leadership, technology, career, and more with its ‘Business Impact’ category.

The Business Impact Award winner is “More than a Glitch” by Meredith Broussard (MIT Press, 2023).

What the jury says: “An eye-opening, focused book in times of disruption through AI and the ever-increasing power of technology. Meredith Broussard makes us aware of the Race, Gender, and Ability bias that underlies every technology and illustrates her findings with many case studies. Outstanding.“ (Laura Lesum, Jury Member)

The Business Impact Readers’ Choice Award winner is “Living a Committed Life” by Lynne Twist (Berrett-Koehler, 2022)

What the jury says: “Lynne Twist survived self-doubt and sadness by adding meaning to her life. She set out with a huge goal – to end world hunger – and became a transformative example of what one individual driven by passion and commitment can accomplish. Your purpose can give your life context, Twist promises, and then she demonstrates how she fulfilled that promise.” (Erica Rauzin, Jury Member)

The Learning Impact Award winner is “The Psychological Safety Playbook” by Minette Norman & Karolin Helbig (Karolin Helbig, 2023)

What the jury says: “A crucial attribute of high-performing teams is whether its members feel engaged, seen, heard and trusted. The authors present an actionable playbook for team leaders so they can confidently and methodically implement critical behaviors that empower their team to achieve at the highest level.” (Brandon Carson, Jury Member)

The Learning Impact Readers’ Choice Award winner is “Coachability” by Kevin Wilde (Kevin Wilde, 2022).

What the jury says: “The people best positioned to give managers feedback are their employees. Yet many bosses are too arrogant or too proud to solicit feedback from their underlings. If you are the long-suffering employee of an overconfident, arrogant boss, you might consider anonymously leaving a copy of Coachability on your manager’s desk.” (Deirdre Cody, Jury Member)

Business Impact winners were announced on October 19, 2023, at the joint award ceremony with getAbstract’s media partner brand eins on the occasion of the Frankfurt Book Fair in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Learning Impact winners were announced on October 25, 2023, at DevLearn in Las Vegas, USA.

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