Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

Chaulaz Heritage Jewellery, the premium Ahmedabad-based brand specializing in antique gold and heritage artwork designs, has unveiled its exquisite handpicked ‘Rose collection’. This radiant collection is crafted to indulge in the opulence of Rubies.


The ‘Rose collection’ transcends all age groups with each piece highlighting rich tradition, modern elegance, adorning designs, and gratifying hues. One of the prominent designs is curated from the radiant beauty of Velayati and daylight stones which is a tribute to the artistry of Indian Heritage. The piece weaves a tale of tradition and splendor in the beads as if painting on an enduring canvas. Another notable piece from the “Rose Collection” flaunts petals of passion through its mesmerizing Rubies. This adorning piece seamlessly blends tradition with modern allure where each jewel is a masterpiece in itself.

“Nothing can suppress the dazzle of a Woman’s eyes which glisten with power and hope. Our Collection has only attempted to imitate that sparkle through our timeless jewels and intricate designs. At Chaulaz, we believe in leaving behind an unforgettable legacy just like every woman we dedicate this symphony of empowerment to. ” said Chaula Patel, founder of Chaulaz Heritage Jewellery. “The pieces from our “Rose Collection” carry grace, strength, and vibrancy that mirror a woman. As a member of the cohort myself, I can surely say this collection is an ultimate celebration of the multifaceted essence of women, and we are equally excited to share these meaningful and adorning pieces with our customers.” added Chaula Patel.

The “Rose Collection ” is also available for purchase at Chaulaz Heritage Jewelry’s official store on Ahmedabad’s Anandnagar Road. Chaulaz Heritage Jewelry extends its heartiest welcome to Indulge in the opulence of its Rose Collection pieces.

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