Tue. May 28th, 2024

27 March 2024: Abhay HealthTech Private Limited (AHPL) proudly announces its strategic partnership with the esteemed Drishti CPS Foundation, an Incubation center of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Indore. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the journey of AHPL towards revolutionizing the healthcare landscape through innovative products and technology-enabled services.

Under this partnership, AHPL will benefit from IIT Indore’s wealth of expertise and resources, particularly in strategy insights, research-based evaluation, and the creation of a robust ecosystem for product development. Leveraging IIT Indore’s prototyping facilities and vast advisor network, AHPL aims to accelerate its innovation processes and enhance the quality of its offerings.

Moreover, AHPL gains access to IIT Indore’s extensive network of tech companies and research and development facilities, further augmenting its capabilities in delivering cutting-edge solutions to the healthcare sector. The collaboration also provides AHPL with a fertile ecosystem surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs, ideation workshops, and networking events, fostering creativity and collaboration.

Amandeep Srivastava, Assistant Vice President at Drishti CPS Foundation, an Incubation center of IIT Indore, remarked, “We are delighted to extend our support to AHPL in their mission to drive innovation in health technology. Through this collaboration, we aim to provide AHPL with the necessary resources and expertise to accelerate their growth and make a lasting impact in the healthcare sector.”

“Partnering with IIT Indore underscores our commitment to driving innovation in healthcare,” said Mr. Apurv Modi, Co-founder at AHPL. “We are excited about the opportunities this collaboration presents to strengthen our capabilities further and bring impactful solutions to market.”

“Joining the IIT Indore incubation program is a significant milestone for AHPL,” said Mr. Sougat Chatterjee, Co-founder of AHPL. “We are excited to collaborate with IIT’s esteemed faculty, researchers, and industry partners and leverage their expertise to bring our innovative healthcare solutions to life, ultimately improving patient outcomes and advancing the healthcare landscape.”

AHPL is focused on developing cutting-edge healthcare technologies and solutions that address pressing challenges in the field. This partnership aims to accelerate the development of groundbreaking technologies and contribute to the advancement of healthcare in India and beyond.

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