Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

In the fast-changing realm of startup culture, the configuration of office spaces is crucial for defining company identity, encouraging innovation, and boosting productivity. With the increasing desire for adaptable and efficient work settings, a fresh influx of commercial design startups has surfaced, capitalizing on advanced technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to transform workspace design.

facebook's 'infinite office' is a virtual reality working environment

These startups have quickly become the preferred choices for startups seeking to create inspiring and efficient workspaces that reflect their unique brand ethos. By harnessing the power of AR and VR, they offer immersive experiences that allow clients to visualize and customize their office layouts before implementation, ensuring optimal utilization of space and resources.

Moreover, these design startups are adept at leveraging technology to enhance collaboration and communication within the workplace. From interactive digital whiteboards to smart furniture solutions, they incorporate tech-driven elements that streamline workflow and foster creativity.

Below appended are the list of 5 such design startups that are leading the charge in workspace design innovation. From sleek and modern aesthetics to ergonomic and sustainable solutions, these startups are redefining the boundaries of what a startup office can be.

Flipspaces :

Flipspaces is a Global Real Estate Expansion Management venture with End to End solutions for CUSTOMISED DESIGN and BUILD for Commercial Spaces. They have developed an in-house proprietary technology for VR-supported video walkthroughs (Link), a first in the industry and a proven game changer. It is instrumental in not only letting businesses visualize their site in advance but also critical for minimum variation in the estimated budget and timelines during the fit-out period. Apart from this, they also share the Client Application with your own username and password to check all the updates of your projects, be it your customized layouts, 3D Renders, Project Updates and more. For nearly a decade, they have successfully executed 700+ projects covering more than 7 Million Sq.Ft. space. Our cutting-edge technology, in-house manufacturing capabilities, tech-enabled project management & execution coupled with a huge team of qualified vendors – differentiate them from other competitors – as we deliver all services with supreme quality, quick turn-around time, and cost benefits.


Provider of SaaS-based VR-based visualization solutions. Its platform provides users with features that include immersive design presentations, real-time design communication, collaborative design reviews, and VR-enabled coordination meetings.


Provider of VR-based solutions for multiple businesses. It facilitates creating an interactive virtual environment to stimulate potential users into experiencing arenas and spaces that haven’t even been physically built like buildings, office desks.


Provider of a cloud-driven virtual tour software for real estate professionals. It enables users to build VR tours using drag-and-drop tools and allows clients to visit multiple projects remotely. The company also provides 360 photography services, 3D floor plans, and virtual tour development services.

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