Specialist Hospital Conducts First Aid Training Course for Preschool and Kindergarten Teachers

Dr Sriram Bonu, Pediatrician, Specialist Hospital Conducting Pediatric First Aid Training Program for Kindergarten Teachers

Bengaluru 5th June 2023: In an effort to address the growing number of medical emergencies in preschool and kindergarten children, Specialist Hospital, conducted a special first aid training program for 55 teachers from 7 schools in the city. The initiative aims to equip teachers with the necessary skills and knowledge to respond effectively in medical emergencies involving young children. The participating schools included Lovely Angels International Pre-School & Daycare, Cradle2Crayons Montessori, Abhisara Trust, Kido Whitefield International Pre-school & Daycare, Eurokids and Purple Bird. The one-day program was conducted by Dr Sriram Bonu, Paediatrician, Specialist Hospital along with the emergency response team at the hospital.

“At Specialist Hospital, we have witnessed a concerning rise in the incidence of children presenting with burns, minor injuries, head injuries, suffocation cases, and other medical emergencies. Frequently, schools lack the resources and training to provide immediate first aid treatment, leading to precious time being lost in transporting the child to a hospital. Recognizing the significance of safeguarding the safety and well-being of our young children, we firmly believe in empowering Preschool and Kindergarten school teachers with comprehensive first aid training. By equipping teachers with the necessary skills to respond effectively to medical emergencies, we strive to establish a safer environment where our children can learn and thrive.” Dr. A M Shafiq, Director and CEO, Specialist Hospital

The training program focuses on equipping teachers with the necessary skills to respond to various medical emergencies, including but not limited to: Unresponsiveness (including child and infant resuscitation), Choking incidents, Bleeding management, Burns, Foreign objects in the eye, ear, or nose, Ingestion of harmful substances, Bone, muscle, or joint injuries, Head injuries, Seizures, Drowning incidents and Allergic reactions.

” Recognizing the criticality of prompt and effective responses, we have developed a training program that addresses a wide range of potential medical emergencies. Our aim is to equip teachers with the necessary tools and knowledge to confidently handle such situations, enabling them to administer timely first aid care and proactively prevent potential medical emergencies.” Dr. Sriram Bonu, Paediatrician, Specialist Hospital

Through this collaborative effort between Specialist Hospital and the participating schools, the aim is to create a safer environment for children, where teachers are equipped to respond confidently and efficiently to any medical emergency that may arise.

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