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New Delhi, 20 February, 2023: Undergraduate and postgraduate students from across India can learn the ropes of academic research by signing up for the upcoming ‘Summer Research Internship Program’ at the prestigious Goa Institute of Management.

The purpose of the program is to prepare highly motivated undergraduate and graduate students for research projects under the guidance of GIM faculty members across a variety of fields.

The GIM faculty will train the participating students about the working methodology and processes involved in writing research papers i.e methods, analysis, drawing conclusions, sampling, etc. Students can choose from a variety of subjects like Big Data Analytics, Finance & Accounting, General Management & Economics, Healthcare Management, IT & Operation Management, Marketing, and Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management which are all part of the extensive and intensive curriculum offered by GIM.

GIM-SRIP seeks to advance outstanding students early in their careers by giving them access to a wide range of research experiences and knowledge. The GIM, a research-intensive institution, has experienced faculty who have been a part of multiple international research collaborations with the likes of WHO and Harvard University. The institute’s professors have also won accolades for their research at prominent management conferences in India and abroad.

“The objective of the ‘Summer Research Internship Program is to provide a window to the world of intensive academic research and to familiarise them with the process. The next generation of business leaders need to participate in the overall contribution to the body of knowledge. That is not what has been occurring in the country lately. Grand theories, innovative ideas, and goods coming from India are not something we see often and that needs to change. The research culture has definitely improved but we have a very long way to go,” says Dr. Ajit Parulekar, Director of GIM.

The eight-week-long program will run through the second week of April to the third week of June and the students will receive a weekly stipend along with free accommodation and food at GIM. The final date of receiving applications is 28th February 2023.

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