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 NEXT Education partners

New Delhi,20th May 2023: In its mission to revolutionize the education sector, Next Education, a fastest-growing, technology-driven company revolutionizing the K-12 education sector in India, has collaborated with the Anant International School, Chennai. The collaboration is in accordance with the school’s belief in creating a congenial environment to enable students to imbibe the latest technological education and in-demand 21st-century skill sets to succeed in a diverse society.

Next Education has assisted in the educational transformation of the school through the digital implementation of academics by offering its latest software programs. Next Education operates a vast network of schools and is committed to continuously expanding it. With a vision to enhance the learning experience for children, the organization aims to double its student reach within the next three years. The goal is to use cutting-edge digital learning tools to engage and excite students while closing the gap between learners with different levels of knowledge.

The school has partnered with Next Education to implement an AI-based learning platform that provides customized instruction and evaluations to students. The platform helps identify areas of weakness in students and suggests practice modules and courses based on learning styles and aptitudes. Additionally, the company’s customized learning solutions assist students who require additional support to make significant academic progress.

Next Education’s products and services are raising pedagogical standards and increasing teacher efficacy, which aids students in achieving academic success. The school has access to a comprehensive and integrated cloud-based platform that provides academic and administrative support. The Academic Partnership Program from Next Education has helped the school increase parent satisfaction by continuously enhancing the calibre of teacher instruction. The school has implemented cutting-edge software programs like TeachNext, Next OS, Next Books, and Next Assessment to precisely monitor students’ progress while offering an unmatched learning experience. To facilitate practical and experiential learning, the school is utilizing ultra-modern facilities like the Robotics Lab, Science Lab, Math Lab, and English Lab. Furthermore, the curriculum developed is helping to increase student attendance due to its interesting and participatory nature.

Beas Dev Ralhan, Co-founder & CEO of Next Education India Pvt. Ltd., said, “Witnessing the impact of our programs and technological solutions on the educational landscape is an exhilarating experience. Our AI-driven education ecosystem continues to expand throughout the country as we collaborate with numerous stakeholders to enhance student learning and elevate teacher training with the latest teaching programs. Our collaboration with Anant International School, Chennai, is a testament to our dedication to fostering innovative learning experiences and preparing students across various partnered schools for success in the ever-changing world by imparting future-ready learnings.”

Arnicka Bahaadur, MD, Anant International School, said, “We firmly believe that every determined child deserves access to an excellent education. At our school, we prioritise unlocking the boundless potential of our young visionaries and guiding them towards their goals. We cultivate a deep passion for learning among our students, empowering them to explore novel and thrilling experiences while providing them with a strong base for their future endeavours. By utilising Next Education’s cutting-edge and intelligent programs, we are equipping our children with the necessary skills and mindset to flourish and achieve remarkable success in their future.”

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