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Bhopal, 27 February 2023: India has been a major part of the world’s history since ancient times. Despite not being politically powerful before its enslavement, the country was still educationally and economically advanced. The great abundance of our nation at that time is made possible by the Gurukul education system, which has been an integral role in preserving the soul of India, before it was separated from us. Nowadays, education is more of a business than a learning experience. Schools that were once known as Vidya Mandirs have transformed into corporate establishments, says Lalit Sardana, founder and teacher at Sardana International School, Dewas, Madhya Pradesh. For over 26 years, students have been consistently achieving the best results in competitive exams such as Engineering and Medical under his guidance.

Mr. Lalit Sardana, Director (SIS) - Career Counsellor & Expert!At a press event in Bhopal, renowned Physics, Chemistry, and Maths tutor Sardana Sir – who achieved the All India Rank 243 and is an IIT Delhi pass out expressed his desire to bring dramatic improvements in India’s education system. Sardana International School, under the guidance of Sardana Sir, is encouraging students to maximize their participation in sports. The students of Sardana School have demonstrated remarkable success in both their academic and athletic endeavors. Furthermore, they offer many financial aids to disadvantaged pupils, so that money isn’t a hindrance to their education or personal growth.

According to him, “Sardana International School pays special attention to fostering cultural learning and holistic development. To do this, we favor connecting the students with education through culture and seek to revive the lost customs of Sanatan Dharma. In order to achieve this, initiatives are being taken to prepare children & youth for the competitive world by connecting them with India’s culture, education and civilization.”

Students coming from various cities to attend Sardana International School have a rigorous routine that starts at 4 am with yoga, pranayama and meditation. This dedicated approach has yielded excellent results in competitive exams. Describing discipline as the main reason for better results of children, be it studies or sports, Sardana Sir says that “Struggle gives birth to power in all of us, and this power can be used correctly only by adopting a disciplined lifestyle.” That’s why students, from basic to higher educational levels, can easily climb the ladder of success by following the culture and discipline.

For the parents of children taking admission in Sardana International School, this school is like a Gurukul. Sardana School has one of the most unique approaches – they have a total ban on mobiles and TVs. Doing so helps eliminate any potential distractions that can interfere with learning. Apart from academics, this school also has extracurricular activities like sports, music, dance, and yoga to provide entertainment for their students. Parents not only from Madhya Pradesh but all across the nation are drawn to Sardana International because of its top-class educational qualities.

Focus on the holistic development of the students

Answering the media, Sardana Sir made said that all necessary information about the school, from its educational framework to living conditions and atmosphere, is communicated to parents in advance. We only admit students after they are satisfied, in order to lay a strong foundation for their all-around development. We make sure those who lack economic stability but possess an aptitude for learning have the benefit of all the necessary facilities.

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