Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

Masai School, India’s fastest-growing jobtech platform has hit a record high of over 6,000 current enrolments in its program in the last five years. As the only pay-after-placement-modelled-job tech institute in India, it has a track record of more than 94 percent and over 4,500 placements. Started by Prateek Shukla, Yogesh Bhatt and NrupulDev, the organisation aims to harness and empower the underutilized talent of the country and plug the employability crisis.

RishabChaurasiya, hailing from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, and a graduate of Masai School, expressed, “My decision to enrol in Masai was influenced by my elder brother, who secured a job post his Masai program. I secured a position at WLC Technologies, marking a significant shift from repairing household electrical appliances to being an integral part of a reputable company. This brought significant transformations to my life.”

Another alumnus of Masai School, Neelam Singh from Madhya Pradesh shared his experience, “After graduating, I took on several low-paying jobs driven by my determination not to depend on my family. With the responsibility of supporting a large family, I aimed to secure a well-paying job that would help in their overall well-being. This motivated me to enrol in Masai School, a decision that eventually led to securing a job that aligned with my aspirations.”

Under the umbrella of Masai School, Prepleaf emerges as a groundbreaking initiative, offering individuals a distinctive avenue to enrol without the constraints of traditional tests. This pioneering approach is geared towards achieving a transformative shift in the accessibility of high-quality tech education, reshaping the landscape of skill-based learning in today’s educational sphere.

Prepleaf stands out as a part-time upskilling course, meticulously designed to cater to the needs of individuals who cannot commit to the 11:11:6 Masai model. Breaking away from the rigid structures of traditional education, it places a premium on skills over degrees, providing a flexible and inclusive solution for those seeking to enhance their technical prowess.

Launched in 2022, Prepleaf has already forged partnerships with two colleges in Madhya Pradesh – SAGE Indore and SAGE Bhopal, signalling its commitment to broadening the horizons of students in the region. By eliminating testing barriers, Prepleaf aims to empower college students, tech enthusiasts and working professionals seeking a job change, with a more inclusive and practical approach to acquiring valuable tech skills, fostering a new era in learning.

While speaking about Masai School, Prateek Shukla, CEO and Co-founder of Masai School said, “Merely possessing degrees is insufficient for achieving success in the tech industry. With an increasing number of companies prioritising portfolios and projects during the hiring process, this program is designed to equip enrolled candidates for seamless entry into industry roles. Additionally, the emphasis is also on imparting industry expertise to students and graduates hailing from tier 2 and 3 cities.”

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