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Keybridge Global Education Partners with U.S.-based Maryville University to Co-Develop Learning Content Aimed at Improving Employability for Learners

The university will co-develop content with Keybridge in areas such as leadership, project management, digital marketing, business acumen, etc. to upskill working professionals to help them become job-ready and grow in their career

New Delhi, January 2023: Keybridge Global Education, an innovative higher edtech organization set up to bridge the gap between traditional career preparation and outcomes expected by employers, has partnered with U.S.-based Maryville University to co-develop learning content aimed at preparing learners to become job-ready. Maryville will provide curated learning content as part of the Keybridge career building framework to help professionals grow and remain industry relevant on an ongoing basis.

“At Keybridge we are keen to work with a university and other content partners that are invested in creating education programs more relevant to employers and that believe in our vision and approach. Maryville University and its workforce development arm – MaryvilleWORKS – is focused on helping businesses in the greater St. Louis, Missouri region of the U.S. They have a proven approach of designing learning content and developing evaluative criteria to demonstrate success in corporate environments. This is aligned with what Keybridge brings to the table and complements our strengths in career planning, management and career skills development,” said Amol Dani, co-founder and CEO, Keybridge Global Education.

The partnership aims to extend opportunities for early- and mid-career professionals who feel disillusioned about their professional growth or overall career trajectory. Without different options and guidance, they settle for existing course templates and mass market badges that may or may not work for them in the context of their career advancement. Maryville and Keybridge will co-develop learning content to upskill learners in areas such as leadership, project management, digital marketing, business acumen and professional skills, to name a few. These will be complemented by Keybridge’s proprietary tools designed for developing employability skills and aiding in career planning and management. These programs aimed at advancing or boosting career goals are hosted on a learner-centric learning management system where participants can access content, tools and resources at any time anywhere.

Dr. Scott Chadwick, chief of corporate partnership acquisitions for Maryville University said, “At Maryville, we don’t focus on the one-size-fits-all education model, be it for individuals or businesses thinking of upskilling or reskilling their workforce. Because Keybridge and Maryville share a common goal of empowering working professionals and support businesses that must meet the evolving demands of their industries, we are sure our partnership will positively improve their workforce development and help them grow and thrive.”

With the parent company headquartered in the U.S., India is Keybridge Global Education’s launch market to offer learner-centric skill development programs. Keybridge has developed a unique learning framework that keeps learner at the center of the conversation and provides tools and resources for learners to be job-ready and employable on an ongoing basis.

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