Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Exams seasons are round the corner. Many students right now are busy contemplating- What’s next? What to study further? What degree to choose to study abroad?. Students post commencing well in their exams will be occupied researching their favorite institutes to their favorite destination for pursuing their studies abroad. Well, before anything else it’s important to research and find the best education partners who will help fulfill their dreams to touch the sky.

Here are some recommendations for parents to consider as education loan partners for their children:

Unicreds -by Unischolars

UniCreds, by UniScholars follows reliability is key quotient. UniCreds harnesses the power of technology and data science to help secure education loans for students. They have successfully disbursed 700cr+ loan amount to help students achieve their study abroad dream. They have a striking partnership with some of the leading education loan providers or student finance provider in the country that guarantees students the best rates on their education loans.

Leverage Edu

Leverage Edu has tie-ups with several top universities from around the world. So far, they have sent more than 8,000 students to various foreign universities. Recently Levarage Edu has launched Fly Finance which aims to create a suite of products that students can pay to access, including more hands-on advisor consultations or personalised banking features. They also help students navigate & assess their journey thus far, matches them to personalised mentors, counsels them towards their higher education dream with an employability lens, and makes sure that everyone punched way above their weight to make dreams come alive and truly be able to level up.

Traditional Banks

The students can also explore traditional bank to get their loan advancements done, Foe example Bank of Baroda has diverse education loan schemes tailored to meet the needs of students wanting to pursue higher education in India or Abroad. In which Baroda Scholar particularly provides an opportunity to avail education loan for the students going abroad for Professional / Technical studies.

Leap Scholar

Leap scholar is one of the top abroad education consultants in India. This abroad education consultant aims to support their students in their quest to study at the best schools. They also provide the best IELTS coaching and have already mentored 1,000+ students for the same. Their services include course recommendation, counseling, application assistance, admission, study visas, education loans, and job search. This study abroad consultant’s team of global education experts is there to guide at every step of the way from picking the right universities. Under the partnership, as a part of Leap Advantage, LeapScholar aims to bring Case School of Engineering’s programme MS in Computer Science from universities to Indian students aspiring to earn a US degree in a hybrid format.

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