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AHPS Dance competition

New Delhi, 28th August 2023 – Bachpan Play School and Academic Heights Public School (AHPS) are proud to announce the successful completion of their Dance Competition, which was held on the 26th of August. This vibrant event took place at Rishihood University. It showcased a joyous celebration of dance and creativity like never before. The esteemed dance maestro Sudha Chandran graced the occasion as the Judge and Guest of Honor.

The Dance Competition organised by Bachpan and AHPS aimed to provide a platform for young dancers to showcase their passion, skill, and dedication. As institutions committed to nurturing holistic development, Bachpan and AHPS believe in fostering artistic expression alongside academic excellence.

Participants from various age groups and backgrounds participated in this Dance Competition, offering a diverse range of performances that highlight different dance forms, styles, and cultural expressions. This event was a celebration of unity in diversity, where the language of dance transcended boundaries and brought people together.

Sudha Chandran, a renowned classical dancer, actress, and choreographer, is known for her mesmerising performances and inspirational journey. Her presence as the Judge and Guest of Honor added immense value to the event. It provided participants with the opportunity to receive guidance and insights from a true icon.

“We were thrilled to have been able to bring together young talent under the spotlight of the dance stage. The Dance Competition aligned perfectly with our commitment to encouraging creativity and fostering a spirit of healthy competition among our students,” said Mr. Ajay Gupta, Founder of Bachpan Play Schools and Academic Heights Public Schools, who also co-founded Rishihood University.

Bachpan and AHPS extend their gratitude to parents, students, and dance enthusiasts who were a part of this joyous event. The Dance Competition turned out to be an afternoon filled with artistry, emotion, and inspiration.

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