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New Delhi,23rd March 2024: Cricket is a much-loved sport enjoyed by millions worldwide, especially through the Women’s Premier League (WPL) and the Indian Premier League (IPL). These tournaments are like lively hubs of excitement, drawing fans in with their interesting matches and famous players. For a marketer, the excitement surrounding events WPL, and the Indian Premier League means a goldmine of opportunities. It’s like being given the ultimate playbook to connect with a massive, engaged audience. By understanding the trends and stories within these leagues, marketers can tailor their campaigns to resonate deeply with cricket fans. It’s not just about selling products or services; it’s about becoming part of the conversation, tapping into the passion and enthusiasm surrounding these events. In this ever-evolving world of cricket, with Taboola’s Newsroom data, marketers can uncover valuable insights to inform their strategies, ensuring they hit the right notes and score big with their target audience. From record-breaking performances to player dynamics Taboola’s newsroom covers all the captivating insights.

Empowering the Essence of Women’s Cricket through WPL

Amidst the vibrant cricket landscape, the Women’s Premier League (WPL) emerges as a beacon of empowerment, showcasing the prowess and expertise of female cricketers. Taboola’s data reveals interesting aspects of WPL, painting a picture of its growing prominence.

The statistics reveal a staggering surge in interest, showing a remarkable 120% increase in pageviews over the last 45 days, particularly concerning players with the most sixes in WPL history, demonstrating the electrifying performances and the captivating moments. Additionally, the live streaming of the WPL 2024 auction garnered significant attention, indicating a 30% increase in engagement with a substantial audience of 2.4 million. This enthusiasm mirrors the anticipation and eagerness among fans to witness the unveiling of new talents.

The comprehensive list of players auctioned in WPL 2024 also garnered significant traction, with a notable increase of 88% in pageviews. This underscores the curiosity around player acquisitions, reflecting the interest and engagement of cricket enthusiasts.

IPL 2024 from taboola’s lens

As the IPL 2024 season begins, excitement is at its peak, signaling the start of thrilling cricket matches and unmatched entertainment. Taboola’s newsroom data reveals fascinating insights about IPL 2024.

Speculations about MS Dhoni’s retirement and Rohit Sharma’s possible leadership role in CSK have caught the attention of fans, leading to a significant 106% increase in pageviews. The introduction of Sunrisers Hyderabad’s new jersey for IPL 2024 has sparked curiosity, with pageviews jumping by an impressive 94%. This visual spectacle reflects the excitement surrounding team appearances, showing the strong bond between fans and their favorite teams.

Updates on players like Rishabh Pant obtaining a fitness certificate from the NCA and rumors swirling around Virat Kohli potentially missing IPL 2024 have ignited passionate discussions among fans. The news of Rishabh Pant being all set to play for DC after receiving his fitness clearance saw a remarkable surge in pageviews, soaring by an astonishing 320%. Similarly, the buzz surrounding Virat Kohli’s possible absence from IPL 2024, intensified by hints dropped by AB de Villiers, led to a staggering increase of 580% in page views.

In conclusion, Taboola’s Newsroom data offers valuable insights into the dynamic world of cricket, particularly during the WPL and IPL 2024 seasons. These insights highlight emerging trends and captivating narratives and underscore the anticipation surrounding these prestigious leagues.

For brands seeking to capitalize on the immense popularity of cricket and the IPL as the pinnacle event of the year, Taboola offers a strategic avenue. With a dedicated sports cohort, brands can precisely target and engage with passionate cricket enthusiasts across the vast expanse of the open web in India.

As the IPL attracts substantial investments from brands eager to connect with the cricket-crazy audience, leveraging Taboola’s platform becomes imperative for maximizing outreach and driving meaningful action.

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