Sat. Jun 15th, 2024
WRMS team at Krishi Darshan Expo 2023

23/02/2023, Haryana – Weather Risk Management Services (WRMS), a pioneer in smart and sustainable farming in India, recently participated at the 11th Krishi Darshan Expo, India’s one of the largest Agriculture events held at Hisar, Haryana. As a leading provider of precision farming solutions, WRMS showcased a wide array of farm IoTs that help farmers optimize their crop yields, reduce costs and improve sustainability. WRMS displayed functional IoTs like Automatic Weather Station (AWS), Automatic Pest Traps (APS), and Automatic Irrigation Switch (AIS) and enlightened the attendees about the WRMS flagship SecuFarm App and SecuTrak solution.

The gala event brought together the major players of the industry via the interaction of farmers, agribusiness, industry entrepreneurs, researchers, technocrats, extension workers, and students under one roof. It facilitated a productive environment for constructive discussions among industry leaders and decision-makers.

Mr. Anuj Kumbhat, Founder and CEO, WRMS, said “Krishi Darshan Expo gave us an opportunity to have enriching conversations with farmers, understand their challenges, and offer them the SecuFarm– our income guaranteeing flagship product. With every conversation we realized that it is extremely crucial for these farmers to overcome the barriers of traditional farming practices & medieval mindset. They are living a life of uncertainty where they are always worried about their crop health and farm income, forcing them to use excess pesticides & water. That’s why SecuFarm remains a holistic solution which provides them with complete downside risk protection and higher yield. This gives them the confidence to invest in the latest technology & drives them towards sustainable farming. “

WRMS flagship SecuFarm app bridges farmers across the country with the latest digital technology in agriculture and handholds them right from the seed selection stage to make sure that they get a better yield by following the package of practices shared with them in their own language. WRMS is currently affiliated with over 10 million farmers; 1 million acres of land have been geo-tagged; 1.5 lakh SecuFarms have been created; and over 15,000 farm IoT devices have been deployed.

WRMS is massively contributing to the manufacturing of low-cost agriculture IoTs not in India but globally. Ingen Technologies Private Limited, a fully owned subsidiary of WRMS, is a leading IoT manufacturer of automatic weather stations, automatic irrigation systems, pest traps, survey drones and soil moisture sensors. The company recently collaborated with the Regional Meteorological Centre, Guwahati, Assam, India, the Meteorological Department (IMD), and the Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES), Government of India, and bagged the contract for procurement, installation, and maintenance of Automatic Rain Gauge Stations in the North East States of India. The company is working with many government organizations like Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Centre, Andhra Pradesh State Development Planning Society, and more.

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