Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh: The way fashion is changing, everything is also changing. People buy clothes according to fashion but there remains a challenge to wash them and maintain the quality because most people get their clothes washed by themselves or by dry cleaners, but many times they do not get the service which they are satisfied with. Is possible. But now the people of Delhi NCR are getting freedom from such troubles. Washcraft is now the first choice of the people of Delhi NCR in the field of dry-cleaning because clothes are being dry-cleaned here with state-of-the-art quality at affordable prices.

It is often said that only women take care of clothes best. And let us tell you that most of the workers in Washcraft are women and they are providing this service very well. After the Corona epidemic, the way Washcraft is making the women in their organization self-reliant by training them in this field is highly appreciated. There are some girls who were hesitant in working initially and today are doing the work well and sharing their experiences here.

Preeti and Akansha, customer care executives of Washcraft, said, “We help the customers with all their queries, provide real-time solutions, and also help them if there is any problem in the back end and quality. The environment here is very good because there are all female employees here and it is very nice to work with them. We also get a lot of support from the management, which inspires us to do better work.”

Another senior female employee at Washcraft, Ms. Geetanjali, who does packing work, said that the quality of the clothes, whether there are any stains in the clothes, cuts, etc., all these are taken care of and it is ensured that the customers get the same in any way. There should be no dissatisfaction. I have been here for many years, I enjoy working here and I am happy to support new female employees.


Talking about this, Shilpi Gupta, Co-Founder, Washcraft (Dry-Cleaning) said, “As we know, this is a sector which is currently 92% unorganized, and that too is male-dominated. Till now, women have not played any major role in this sector, I want to change that. In October 2019, I started Washcraft, which got a lot of support from my husband and later the customers trusted us. During the lockdown, I realized that men and women need to stand shoulder to shoulder to combat Corona, be it in business or job. Women who are more educated do not have that much problem, but by imparting training to women who are less educated or who have no other earning member in their home, I am very happy to say that I am taking this tradition forward and by supporting such women.”

Starting from a small company, today Shilpi Gupta has started 15 franchises in Delhi NCR, most of which are run by women. Washcraft (dry-cleaning) is making a mark for itself in this field and is moving towards new heights. Washcraft is a leading dry-cleaning and laundry service provider committed to providing exceptional care to your favorite clothing and items. With state-of-the-art facilities, skilled professionals, and a customer-centric approach, Washcraft aims to revolutionize the way you experience cleaning services.

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