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Houston, TX, February 07, 2023 — VisiumKMS is partnering with DREEM, in an effort to provide environmental and sustainability software solutions to customers. Visium will be selling and implementing DREEM software alongside the DREEM team to ensure federal, and state environmental regulations as well as sustainability and ESG metrics can be followed smoothly.

“We are extremely excited to partner with DREEM Solutions,” said Karen Barnes, Managing Director of VisiumKMS. “Our customers value environmental, social and governance practices and now they can seamlessly include ESG practices with their EHS practices in one integrated solution. DREEM Solutions is quickly becoming an important provider in the ESG market, which made them an ideal partner for VisiumKMS.”

Organizations that are subject to mandatory or voluntary environmental and sustainability reporting need a simple solution that is agile, intuitive, and user-friendly, which is what DREEM can provide. Alongside Visium, which holds environmental, social and governance practices at the heart of their developments, sustainability and compliance will be assured.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Visium,” said Khal Rabadi, DREEM’s Founder and CEO. “Their reputation for delivering outstanding software and services is well-known in the industry, and we are excited to partner with Visium to offer DREEM software to their customers. We believe that this partnership will help us to better serve the EHS market and to continue growing our business.”

Both Visium and DREEM believe that their solutions go hand in hand in ensuring the industry can find viable solutions for the long term.

About Visium

VisiumKMS delivers simplicity to global enterprises who contend with regulated processes and complex engineering assets. We break the shackles that outmoded, and subsequently high-risk processes impose on progress.

Developed over the course of the last 30 years, VisiumKMS has evolved as heavy industry has evolved, responding to growing complexity with a solution that offers a simple approach to systematic management.

Our team brings direct industry experience to bear in solving problems we fully understand, with solutions we develop with passion – a belief in our ability to take you to the next level of efficiency in the areas of your operations most critical to success and compliance; your unique aspirations and goals.


Data Reporting and Enterprise Environmental Management Solutions (DREEM) is a cloud-hosted solution that brings simplicity & powerfulness to the day-to-day tasks of the sustainability world; by simplifying the user experience while maintaining the capability to crunch, manipulate, analyze & report on data.

DREEM specifically targets sustainability, ESG, and environmental management, and incorporates features enabling users to track, analyze, and report upon events with sustainability and environmental implications. This includes both required governmental and management reporting.
Karen Barnes
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