Tue. May 28th, 2024

Uorfi Javed Just

Mumbai, 20th March 2024 Forget paps, Uorfi’s now got planets spinning around her! Crazy? Not in Uorfi Javed’s Universe! She stunned everyone as she flaunted a jaw-dropping ‘Planet Uorfi’ outfit, grabbing eyeballs at the unveiling of her new reality show ‘Follow Karlo Yaar’, soon to be aired on Amazon Prime Video.

Keeping up with her avant-garde style, Uorfi rocked the ‘Planet Uorfi’ outfit that was truly a league of its own. Her ensemble was like having the entire solar system at her fingertips, with planets swirling around her in a mesmerizing display of smoke! But here’s the kicker! This celestial masterpiece weighed a whopping 25kgs, featuring every single planet, amounting to more than half her body weight. Now, if that’s not a testament to her wacky and out-of-the-box style, we don’t know what is! When it comes to pushing the boundaries of fashion, there’s no one quite like Uorfi!

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