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TTK Prestige - OTG SS Range

India, 24 February 2023: TTK Prestige, the house of durable, innovative, and versatile kitchen appliances launches its new range of Oven Toaster Grillers with a stainless steel body. Consumers can now use one appliance to cook a variety of healthy and delicious meals across cuisines.

The new range of OTG comes with a host of new features like an automatic rotating rotisserie function that allows for even cooking when grilling meats and vegetables. The appliance also doubles up as a high-capacity air fryer with its convection feature ensuring more healthier meals with the minimum usage of oil. Right from pizzas, to kebabs and cookies to French fries and samosas, TTK Prestige’s OTG is designed to help every home cook in preparing various dishes.

In addition to its innovative features, the OTG has a high-quality stainless steel body, which is durable, and easy to clean and maintain. To ensure every cook has complete and precise control over the temperature and cooking time the appliance has a timer and temperature control of up to 230 degrees. The appliance is also armed with a range of thoughtful accessories that make every cooking experience an easy one.

The new OTG range not only encourages home, cooks, to get creative and experimental with their cooking but is also a versatile addition to every kitchen that takes up less space and is easy to clean. Coming from India’s most trusted kitchen appliance brand, TTK Prestige, home cooks can be assured of a high-quality, durable and efficient addition to their kitchen – giving them a cooking experience like no other. A total of three OTG SS models are available in the SS range at prices of INR 10995/- for the POTG 26 SS RC, INR 12795/- for the POTG 36 SS RC and INR 13995/- for the POTG 46 SS RC.

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