Wed. Jul 24th, 2024


Finance experiential and learning platform StockGro has launched the Big Leap internship program, designed to offer interns an immersive corporate experience within the finance sector. With the capacity to accommodate 100 interns, the program’s innovative model will introduce students to practical skills and proactive learning that aligns with their career aspirations.

Interns enrolled via this exclusive program will be offered stipends ranging upto ₹1 lakh. Additionally after evaluation, StockGro will provide successful interns with a PPO (Pre-placement offer) based on their performance, offering them direct entry into the corporate sector.

Ajay Lakhotia, CEO and Founder, StockGro states, “We want to go beyond the conventional scope of an internship. Through this program, we aim to give an exceptional experience to young finance aficionados where they can showcase their involvement while paving the way for financial awareness.,”

During the internship, interns will be a part of different teams like Financial Maestros, and Tech Ninjas, to name a few, emulating varied branches of a financial organization. Through this internship program, StockGro will help interns be market-ready and become experts in the fintech industry.

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