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New Delhi, October 2023 — Shangri-La Eros New Delhi, celebrated for its lavish hospitality, proudly unveils an opulent array of Diwali hampers, destined to infuse celebrations with an extra touch of grandeur. With the festival of light on the horizon, Shangri-La Eros New Delhi extends a gracious invitation to all guests, welcoming them to embrace the essence of Diwali in a luxurious embrace. Their carefully curated hampers exude opulence and epitomise the spirit of festivity, promising an unparalleled experience.

The Diwali hampers from Shangri-La Eros New Delhi are more than just gifts; they are a token of love, joy and cherished tradition of exchanging blessings during this auspicious season. Each hamper is a work of art, embodying the spirit of Diwali and capturing the essence of the festival in a delightful assortment of gourmet treats and divine indulgences.

1. Diwali Bliss Box
The Diwali Bliss box is an elegant treasure chest with a charming Ganesh Ji idol, a scented candle, chocolates, dry cake, cashews, Nutella and almonds, embodying Diwali’s sweetness and blessings.

2. Divine Delights
The Divine Delights hamper offers regal gifting with a beautifully designed case, featuring Ganesha idol, candle, cashews, almonds, Brie cheese, premium olive oil and Jacard tea. It’s an invitation to savour the finest flavours and celebrate Diwali’s grandeur.

3. Shubhotsav
Shubhotsav is a luxurious curation of celebratory delights, featuring a divine Ganesh Ji idol and a warm candle within an exquisitely crafted basket. It offers a delightful array of cashews, apricots, macaroons, prunes, premium chocolates, gourmet spaghetti, vinegars, ciabatta, and tea curations. A tea-infused soap adds a touch of luxury, elevating Diwali celebrations to new heights of indulgence.

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4. Royal Indulgence
This rustic masterpiece, nestled in a delightful basket, exudes irresistible charm. It carries blessings with a sacred Ganesh Ji idol and a comforting candle casting a warm festive glow. Inside, discover culinary delights like crunchy almonds, succulent prunes, indulgent chocolates, fragrant penne pasta, flavorful vinegar, freshly baked ciabatta, decadent dry cake, and a unique tea-themed matchbox. It captures Diwali’s essence, blending flavours and aromas, embodying tradition, warmth and the joy of sharing.

5. The Shangtastic Casket
Set sail on opulence with The Shangtastic Casket, a celebration of joy and luxury. In an exquisite boat-shaped container, a resplendent Ganesh Ji idol presides over a treasure trove of delights. Indulge in cheese, macaroons, premium olive oil, decadent cake, prunes, almonds and apricots. Explore aromatic Jacard tea, crisp focaccia and a tea-themed pen case for added sophistication. Crafted for connoisseurs, this hamper epitomises indulgence and refinement.

6. Symphony of Sweets
Experience the true essence of Diwali with Shangri-La Eros New Delhi’s exclusive, in-house Mithai and handcrafted chocolate boxes. Delight in the festivities as you savour exquisite treats like Rose Ladoo, Mathura Ke Pede, Anjeer Dry Fruit Roll, Kaju Katli, Badam Apple, and Pumpkin Seed Ladoo meticulously curated to infuse a touch of opulence into this season’s celebrations.

7. Special Gift Vouchers
Exclusive gift vouchers including Couples Spa Indulgence, Spa Wellness Bundles, Craft Your Own Menu, Monetary Gifts, Club 19 Membership, and a Shangtastic Dimsum Lunch experience are being offered by Shangri-La Eros New Delhi to celebrate this festive season with your loved ones.

These meticulously designed hampers and vouchers embody the splendour and richness of Diwali, making them the perfect gift for your loved ones. Shangri-La Eros New Delhi warmly invites you to elevate your Diwali celebrations with these carefully crafted treasures. Illuminate this festive season with the joy and abundance they bring and share the essence of Diwali’s grandeur with those close to your heart.

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