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New Delhi, February 17, 2023: With an innovative and comprehensive customer-centric effort, Renault, the leading European brand in the country, has made significant inroads in the rural markets. The rural journey for Renault started in 2019, with the identification of new low-cost formats for showrooms, followed by the expansion of network infrastructure under ‘Project Vistaar’.

Under ‘Project Vistaar’, Renault through its network, recruited, trained, and deployed close to 500 specialised sales consultants called Resident Dealer Sales Executives (RDSE). These RDSEs ensured a better connection with the customers, enhancing Renault’s reach within the country and creating a strong network in the rural markets. With an aim to make further inroads into the rural market, Renault adopted a customer-centric approach with extensive target audience engagement through Grameen Mahotsavs. Organised in 200+ villages so far, these Mahotsavs garnered great responses from the customers. To keep the momentum high, Renault adopted a digital format during the last few challenging years, creating the first of its kind ‘Digital Grameen Mohatsav’.

Moving closer to the customers in rural areas, Renault became the first passenger car OEM to join hands with the CSC Grameen e-store, in early 2021, ensuring easy access to Renault’s products and services. CSC, as a network of local stores run by a massive network of 4 lakh+ Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs) trained by Renault teams, are successfully addressing queries from potential customers, and delivering last-mile e-governance services.

Renault’s partnership with CSC commissioned 400 Renault Booking Centres last year, providing rural customers an opportunity to book their favourite Renault car within their locality with ease and convenience. With this the customers are able to book their Renault car with minimum documentation formalities, by scanning the QR Code available at the nearest Renault Booking Centre, making digital inclusion of rural India a reality

Further widening its reach, Renault recently engaged with more than 50 villages across the country to develop them as ‘Model Villages’. Renault India has designed and developed a dedicated plan on sustainable development of these villages in partnership with the CSC Grameen eStore. The company has also announced a monetary aid to foster education in rural areas – “Renault Scholarship Programme” under which the students of certain age groups from these villages will be awarded with a scholarship every year basis merit. The objective of the programme is to promote the higher education, further empowering the population in rural areas and build sustainable communities. Local competitions and sports events like ‘Renault Kabaddi’ and ‘Renault Run’ have also been organized in order to offer robust platform to budding athletes at the grassroot level to develop their talents.

‘Rural Float’ is yet another annual initiative that the company has been undertaking in order to provide a Renault vehicle ownership experience in rural areas, enabling them to touch and feel the cars, next to their neighbourhood. The company has so far engaged with more than 25,000 customers in 500+ towns across 15 States through this initiative. Additionally, a mobile workshop providing door-step service facility – ‘Workshop on Wheels’ (WOW) and ‘Workshop on Wheels-Lite’ helps in facilitating the servicing of Renault vehicles even in the remotest areas. It offers hassle-free car ownership experience to the customers in rural and far-flung locations.

Together with its product portfolio expansion strategy to drive volumes in India, Renault has substantially increased its reach in India. It has created a strong connect and presence in the rural areas with the introduction of several unique and pioneering initiatives, ensuring that customers’ have an unparalleled association with the Renault brand.

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