Thu. Feb 29th, 2024

29th January 2024:  PlanckDOT, a rising startup powerhouse that is bringing in silent revolution in the space of Digital Infrastructure Innovations, that helps build sustainable and energy efficient Edge Data Centers and brings in much needed relief for the corporate world, who are restless to meet their time based net zero commitments.

“While setting up data centers all across the country Planck is also focused on creating new series of edge data centers which can power up a good percentage of power needs with sustainable and on prim innovations.,” said Shishir Miglani, CO-Founder, PlanckDOT .  

Data Centers are power guzzlers of today and yet much needed devils to bring in technological changes. In any data center there are two areas which consume biggest pie of power i.e. Cooling part and the IT part of it. Planckdot has been innovating through collaborations on both these segments to offset the power needs through on prim sustainable innovations.

We at Planck, have just concluded a very strong Proof of Concept (POC) that will transform the Indian data warehousing and streaming infrastructure. This recent innovation will prove to be a game-changer in the data centre industry. The POC demonstrated the potential to reduce the edge size and almost doubling its storage capabilities while consuming 30% less power.

This achievement comes as a significant stride towards Planck’s vision of becoming a cornerstone in the tech landscape, offering sustainable solutions that redefine the efficiency and environmental impact of data centers.

Ashher Zafar, CEO and technical Co-Founder of PlanckDOT, expressed his excitement about the project, stating, “We now feel capable to create Edge Data Center in suitcase, these are super exciting times at Planck and its collaborative partners. This transformative change is particularly impactful for OTT data streaming and data warehousing, providing a strong use case scenario. This brings in net zero sustainability dream by 2030, few steps closer.”

The startup plans to launch this product as a solution for other industry players too. We aim to democratize the latest transformations such as these for the industry’s benefits profitability.

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