Recykal Certifies The Baker’s Dozen as a Plastic Neutral Brand

Hyderabad, 5th, October: India’s largest artisan bakery brand, The Baker’s Dozen, has embarked on an impactful sustainable initiative starting this financial year. The brand is dedicated to a 10-15% reduction in its carbon footprint and a significant reduction in plastic usage by the end of this financial year. Using Recykal’s Plastic Neutrality solution, the brand has effectively neutralized its plastic footprint for the period from April to July 2023.
The Baker’s Dozen recovered 35.29 MT of MLP (Multi Layered Plastic) and 0.4 MT of LDPE (Low-Density Poly Ethylene) plastic waste.

The impact that The Baker’s Dozen has created by achieving plastic neutrality for the period April- July 2023 :

● Reduced 48.5 MT emissions of CO2
● Generated 19409.5 KWh energy from waste

Recykal follows a three-step process to certify a brand as plastic-neutral. Firstly, the brand’s plastic footprint is calculated, taking into account both mandatory and voluntary compliance. Secondly, the calculated footprint is verified through Recykal’s digital platform. Finally, Recykal provides impact-offsetting solutions to the brand and ensures that the calculated footprint is recovered. Once the brand receives Impact Recovery Tokens, it is certified as plastic-neutral.

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Ekta Narain, Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer, Recykal commented, “Congratulations to ‘The Baker’s Dozen’ on their remarkable achievement of plastic neutrality! We commend their dedication and commitment to sustainable practices. By effectively offsetting their plastic footprint, they have contributed to a greener and cleaner environment and set a compelling example for other businesses to follow. As more forward-thinking brands step up to offset their plastic usage, our mission at Recykal is to bring 10 percent of India’s waste into a circular Economy by 2027. Together, we can contribute to a more sustainable future for future generations.”

Commenting on this initiative, Aditi Handa, Co-founder and head Chef, of The Baker’s Dozen mentioned, “All things that we have gotten right are because of an ask our customers had. In 2019, when we shifted to plastic packaging, it upset some of our customers and they were honest enough to share their disappointment with us. Since then, we have been wanting to do something to offset it. Although later than what I had hoped, earlier than never, we have finally embarked on our journey to give back to Mother Earth for all that it showers us with. This is a small but significant start for us and it will only become bigger and bigger.”

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