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India, February 8th, 2022 – Quixy, the leading no-code platform company, is thrilled to announce its Great Place to Work certification. This accolade reflects Quixy’s dedication to fostering a positive and inclusive work environment for all employees. An outstanding 87% of Quixy’s workforce has shared that Quixy is a great place to work, which is significantly higher than the average among tech companies.

Great Place to Work, the global expert authority on workplace culture, has conducted research that shows that job seekers are 4.5 times more likely to find a great boss in a certified great workplace. Moreover, at certified workplaces, employees are 93% more likely to look forward every day to come to work & are twice as likely to be paid fairly & do have a fair chance at promotion.

84.6% of Quixy employees participated in the extensive Great Place to Work Employee Survey that assesses employee perspectives on their workplace and the organization’s unique culture through the Culture Brief & Culture Audit. The survey included questions that evaluate different aspects of the workplace, such as trust in management, pride in the company, teamwork among coworkers, and job satisfaction. The assessment process combined the employee survey results, culture audit, and data analysis to determine the organization’s overall score on the Trust Index.

Quixy Earns Great Place to Work Certification

Description automatically generated Great Place to Work certification model is built on 5 integral criteria – Credibility, Respect, Fairness, Pride, and Camaraderie, based on which the survey is formulated. In a comparative study with the top IT Software companies listed in the report, Quixy has far excelled in most of the categories on average. In areas such as egalitarian treatment, gender equality, appreciation and recognition, and managerial geniality, Quixy has hit the top, surpassing the average of the Top 75 mid-sized workplaces and IT Software companies. Quixy, thus reiterated its commitment to providing its employees with a positive and fulfilling work environment and its customers with innovative solutions that drive growth and success.

Quixy’s results include the following highlights:

  • 88% of Quixy employees rate management as credible (trustworthy, believable) in terms of communication practices, competence, and integrity.
  • 86% of Quixy employees feel respected by management based on the amount of support, collaboration, and caring they perceive from their actions.
  • 87% of Quixy employees feel that management practices are fair based on their perceptions of equity, impartiality, and justice.
  • 89% of Quixy employees feel that their job, their team, or their company gives them a sense of pride.
    88% of Quixy employees feel that their work is enjoyable.

“The Great Place to Work certification is an incredible achievement and indicative of our work culture, which fosters trust & respect for people, promotes impartiality at work, & fosters a sense of camaraderie among our team members. At Quixy, we strive to create a positive and inclusive culture where all our employees feel valued and supported. We will continue to prioritize the well-being and development of our team members as we work towards achieving our mission”, said Mr. Gautam Nimmagadda, Founder & CEO, Quixy.

“Receiving the Great Place to Work certification is proof of the dedication & hard work of our team and the high-trust work environment we have collectively built over the last three years as a team. It also recognizes leadership’s resolve to empower all associates to thrive in their current positions and throughout their careers. Let’s keep up the great work and let us cherish this moment as we continue down the path of success.”, added Mr. Vivek Goel, VP of Marketing, at Quixy.

The Great Place to Work certification comes from employee feedback and an in-depth analysis of the company’s policies, practices, and culture. Quixy scored high in areas such as trust in leadership, feeling valued, and overall employee satisfaction.

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