Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Noida, 23 February 2023: PrepInsta, India’s number one and most visited website for placement preparation and a rising Ed-tech brand, has announced PrepSAT, a test through which PrepInsta will open horizons for engineers. PrepSAT will help candidates get job offers, internship offers, Pre Placement offers, and more. Over 300 plus companies are expected to analyze the applications through PrepSAT. In the first phase, PrepInsta opened and made the registration link live for all the aspirants.

The test is aimed at boosting one’s skills in the field. A dedicated team of professionals has curated the test based on requirements, and assessments of various service and product-based companies. The test will be conducted on the platform WeCP.

“We at PrepInsta have been trying to upskill the workforce in the field of tech, and help candidates prepare well. Thus, we have been trying to fill the gap in the bridge from both sides. This test is prepared by the PrepInsta team that understands on communicates on both sides- candidates, and employers. Thus, this is expected to serve the purpose of both the major stakeholders of the ecosystem, and boost the quality of aspiring professionals. Additionally, this test also opens paraphernalia of offers for candidates,” said Mr. Manish Agarwal- CMO and Co-founder, PrepInsta.

PrepSAT is free of cost and is open to register the first 1 lakh applications. The final date of the test will be announced within a month. All the updates related to the test and its results will be updated on its Instagram handle @prepinsta.offcampus

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