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New Delhi, 11th September 2023: Pramerica Life Insurance, one of the leading provider of life insurance solutions, has announced the introduction of its latest offering, ‘Pramerica Life Super Investment Plan (UIN: 140L088V01)’. The newly launched plan is one of the most flexible Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs) in India, meticulously designed to align with the dynamic lifestyle and financial ambitions of today’s generation.

On the occasion of the launch Mr. Pankaj Gupta, MD & CEO of Pramerica Life Insurance, said, “Modern India is aspirational and is looking out for new age life insurance products that support changing lifestyles and aspirations. Pramerica Life Super Investment Plan is designed to cater to modern financial aspirations while providing a safety net to customers and their families through life insurance cover. This is one of the most flexible ULIPs in India and also comes with 6 high potential investment funds including Pramerica Nifty Midcap 50 Correlation Fund.”

Unlike traditional insurance plans, the uniqueness of this plan lies in the bouquet of features it offers.

• To suit varied needs the plan comes with an option to choose from two investment strategies and 6 high potential funds including the Industry-first Pramerica Nifty Midcap 50 Correlation Fund.

• It offers zero premium allocation charge in all years which allows policyholders to grow their wealth faster.

• To further enhance the fund value, the plan offers Persistency Additions and Persistency Booster at specific intervals during the policy term.

• With flexibility of unlimited switches and premium re-directions between fund options, this plan helps to take advantage of market movement or change the risk preference at no additional cost.

• It also offers Return of Mortality and Waiver of Premium Charges on survival of the Life Insured till the end of the Policy Term.

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