Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

PlastFocus 2024 Launches as the Epicenter for Innovations and Business Synergies in the Plastics IndustryNew Delhi, February 03rd, 2024: PlastFocus 2024, the much-anticipated second edition of India’s premier international exhibition in the plastics industry, kicked off  yesterday at Yashoboomi (IICC), Dwarka, New Delhi. Organised by Triune Exhibitors Pvt. Ltd. and powered by the Plastic Machinery Manufacturers Association of India (PMMAI), the 5-day PlastFocus 2024 is supported by the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers and the Ministry of Heavy Industries, Govt. of India.

The event was inaugurated by Mr. Sandeep Engineer, Chairman & Managing Director of Astral Limited, in the presence of industry leaders including Mr. Mahendera Patel, Chairman Emeritus, PMMAI, Mr Tushar Parikh, Chairman, PMMAI & Mr Bill Shukla, Vice Chairman, PMMAI. Other dignitaries present at the occasion were Mr. Sunil Jain, Hon Treasurer, PMMAI, Mr. Chandrakanth Patel, Joint MD, Mamta Machinery, Ms. Khushboo Doshi, MD, Rajoo Engineers Ltd., Mr Vinay Bansod, Executive Director & CEO, Windsor Machines and Mr. Rajkumar Lohia, MD, Lohia Machines . Dr. Falco Paepenmuller, CEO, Windmoeller & Holscher was the Special Guest at the occasion.

Mr. Sandeep Engineer expressed his enthusiasm regarding the Plastic industry stating that, “Next 10 Years are going to be the best years of the Indian Industry. India is going to grow at an enormous pace in various businesses. Today we have to import certain machines from developed countries- let’s bring this technology to India. When the buyers are here why can’t the manufacturers be here? Machine manufacturers must invest in more plants to provide machinery for the country.  With every edition of PlastFocus, the Expo and the industry will keep growing and new technologies from Indian manufacturers will be show cased“

This edition of PlastFocus covers an expansive area of 1,00,000 sq meters, hosting 1200 stalls and attracting more than 50 international exhibitors from around 18 countries in addition to the participants from every corner of India. Over 300 cutting-edge machines are the star attraction at the event.

 Mr. Cyril Pereira, Managing Director of Triune Exhibitors Pvt. Ltd. highlighted the significance of the event, stating, “In the realm of innovation, the plastics industry stands as a testament to human ingenuity. Transforming possibilities into tangible solutions, plastics have become the building blocks of progress, shaping a future where sustainability, creativity and efficiency converge. PlastFocus 2024 is not just an exhibition; it’s a convergence of ideas, technologies, and businesses that drive the plastics industry forward. “

Mr. Tushar Parikh, Chairman of PMMAI, shared his insights, “Within the vibrant tapestry of India’s plastics industry, each thread is woven with innovation and resilience. As we explore  PlastFocus 2024,  we witness a harmonious dance between technology and sustainability, shaping a future where India’s ingenuity propels us towards a greener and more sustainable tomorrow.”

The plastics industry plays a pivotal role in the economy contributing significantly to GDP and providing employment opportunities. PlastFocus 2024 is a comprehensive showcase of innovations, spanning raw materials to cutting-edge technology, fostering collaborations that shape the industry’s future. Attendees can explore the plastic production lifecycle, emphasizing environmental sustainability and circular economy principles. The Recycling Pavilion underscores the industry’s commitment to responsible plastic usage.

As the event unfolds over the next few days around 2 lakh industry professionals, exhibitors, and visitors alike can expect a dynamic and engaging experience that will shape the trajectory of the plastics industry towards a more sustainable and innovative future.

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