Sun. May 26th, 2024

We have lived in a society where, every day, one person is trying to be like another, under the constant pressure to fall into standards that may or may not truly represent who they are. But this is slowly and steadily changing. Women of today are breaking free from set templates and finding their own path, their own journey. Philips today launches a new campaign on their hair straightening range, #YourHairYourWay, with brand ambassador Alia Bhatt, encouraging women to confidently embrace their own sense of style in this journey, while Philips helps them achieve that with technology that actively cares for their hair.

Commenting on the campaign Vidyut Kaul, Head, Personal Health, Philips Indian subcontinent said, “We, at Philips India, understand our consumer before anyone or anything else. When it comes to hair styling, we understand her needs, her barriers and her everyday worries. We acknowledge how diverse the women of India are and their varying needs when it comes to hairstyling. With our expertise of 130+ years, we always strive to give our consumer the best of technology that can help her style her hair with all the care that her hair deserves. Our new campaign #YourHairYourWay encourages women to choose their own style while reassuring them that our products actively care for their hair. #YourHairYourWay is also our endeavor to embrace diversity of our women and encourage inclusivity.”

The campaign builds the key message through a few different films, each starting with the spotlight on Alia Bhatt featuring ‘Alia wala straight hair’ and moving on to feature different women from various walks of life with their individual hairstyles which reflect their own personality and sense of style. It talks about a range of hair styling occasions right from busy Monday mornings to fun weddings of the BFF or vacations, relevant to different kinds of women whether students, working women or homemakers. And the Philips hair straightening range with CareEnhance Technology, which includes a wide range of different hair straightening irons and hair straightening brushes, is presented as the go-to solution for any kind of hair styling with care. The main theme that runs through the film is that different kinds of styles can be achieved for different kinds of hair with the Philips straightening range with the assurance that Philips technology actively cares for hair as you style, thus helping you style without the worry of damage.

It is a perfect everyday partner for girls and women alike, with every individual, be it a middle-aged woman, college girl, working woman, or transwoman, expressing herself through her unique personality and style.

Alia Bhatt, Brand Ambassador of Philips Hair Care range said, “I have been associated with Philips for almost 8 years now and have come to love the brand that puts their consumer first always and brings innovative technology to solve their needs. And I am thrilled to be the voice of the brand yet again in the #YourHairYourWay campaign that truly embraces every woman’s unique journey. This resonates with me because I believe that each woman is unique and should be able to feel confident in her own skin. And the Philips Hair Straightening Range with CareEnhance Technology gives women the opportunity to express their own sense of style with care. The products are easy to use and allow you to experiment with and style your hair without worry of damage”.

The campaign breaks on television right in time for the upcoming Valentine’s season and extends to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, OTT, and various other digital platforms as well.

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