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New Delhi, 21 February 2023: Zigly, India’s first tech-enabled omnichannel pet care brand, has always emphasized the importance of preventive healthcare and timely check-ups for furry companions to lead a healthy and happy life. Zigly, under the umbrella campaign #NoCompromise, reinforces the importance of quality pet care experiences; releases a digital film that aims to encourage pet parents to ensure timely vet consultations and avail quality healthcare practices for pets to maintain good health and well-being of the furry companions.

The digital film starts with a snapshot of a mother at a clinic, getting a regular check-up done for her daughter. The mother firmly states that she does not compromise her daughter’s health ever. The film further gives equal importance to the pet’s health as the lady in the film passionately asserts that “when it comes health and wellbeing of my pet with Zigly, No Compromise.” The goal of the film is to show how people value their health and understand how essential it is to stay fit. Individuals, in this regard, seek the best for themselves and will not accept anything less. Bringing our pets to the vet regularly not only helps in early detection and quick intervention but also helps pet parents gain valuable insight on how to keep our fur babies healthy and away from diseases.

Sharing his thoughts on the same, Mr. Ambarish Sikarwar, Business Head, Zigly said, “Responsible pet parenting begins by dutifully following the recommendations of a pet expert to ensure overall health and wellbeing of pets. Taking our pets to the veterinarian regularly is a key step in that direction for early detection and quick intervention. This involves developing a routine between our furry friends and veterinarians when they are young to eliminate or considerably reduce the hassle and stress associated with visiting a clinic. We at Zigly, offer a wide range of services and products that are practical and affordable so that paw parents don’t have to make compromises on quality pet care experience. Through this campaign, Zigly intends to spread awareness about maintaining our pet’s health to help them lead a healthy and happy life.”

The third film is live from 20th February 2023 across social media, YouTube, Radio, My Gate app, and OOH and will also be extended at all Experience centers of Zigly. Additionally, Zigly has set up #NoCompromise booths at their stores to shower love on furry friends. Being an omnichannel pet care brand, Zigly intends to provide an integrated and quality pet care experience.

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